August 2015 - Jobble

How to Manage a Brand Ambassador Team

So you’ve finally assembled a team of brand ambassadors who will represent your corporate identity in public and actively get customers engaged with your product or service. The rest takes care of itself, right? That would be nice, but a

5 Places to Host Your Next Event in Boston

An event is only as good as the venue hosting it, but luckily for event planners in Boston, they are plenty of excellent options. Whether you're looking for someplace classic, artistic, spacious or anywhere in between, there's a place in

5 Ways A Street Team Can Make the Difference

Though they’re most often associated with grassroots music promotional campaigns, street teams have become an invaluable tool in getting the word out about all types of products and brands. If you aren’t already integrating one into your next event or

Jobbler of the Month, February – Braxton Bass

Say hi to Braxton, a 23-year-old Texas transplant living in Boston. His job is working event full-time and he's represented some of the world's top brands. We sat down with Braxton to hear his story and find out what motivated him