September 2016 - Jobble

Using Technology To Speed Up The Hiring Process

When it comes to employment, employers frequently say that it’s impossible to find the right candidates, while job seekers claim that it’s impossible to find the right position. No matter which side of the coin, things can get difficult. Often

New Product Release: Facelift, simplicity, mobile accessibility

The time has come to welcome a new customer website that offers a sleeker, more simplistic design with mobile accessibility. Let’s just say we gave our old web application a facelift. This means that Jobble is officially out of beta!

How To Hire a Street Team of 30 in 24 Hours

What if we told you you had 24 hours to hire a street team of 30 people? Sounds like a mission for James Bond. But don’t tell that to Kelsey Dermody of Global View Communications (GVC). Kelsey was able to

A Day in the Life at Jobble

What does a typical day at Jobble look like? Well, if you peek into our office in the early hours you’ll see that our team is borderline obsessed with bagels. You’ll quickly learn that Closer, by the Chainsmokers, is kind

Everything You Need to Know About Jobble

On the hunt for temporary employees? Like any other gig-driven app, such as Lyft or Uber that connect drivers with people looking for rides, Jobble uses mobile technology to instantly and easily connect companies with quality people looking for work

Dive a Little Deeper: Tips & Tricks to Land the Job

Everyone wants a way to make some extra money, whether it be a part time job or finding another alternative that fits your schedule. Well, Jobble just might be the answer to all of your prayers. Working in the gig

What is a Flexible Workforce?

It wasn’t too long ago that people would work at the same company for their entire career. Job security, a solid benefit plan and moving your way up the company’s corporate ladder was the American dream. But things aren’t quite