October 2016 - Jobble

Jobbler of the Month

With thousands of Jobblers on our app, our team is always surprised by the talents on board. For this October we decided to show our Jobbler Zachary Doiron from Burrillville, RI some love! Zach completed his first job in September

4 Steps to Posting an Effective Job Listing on Craigslist

Despite having so many options for places to post jobs these days, it's not always easy to get noticed by the right applicants. Craigslist is a great platform to get your job in front of a lot of candidates at

How to Use Snapchat in Event Marketing

Snapchat may not be the first on your list when you think about social media for event marketing. But this little ghost man (aka Ghostface Chillah) isn't a force to be reckoned with. Yes, Snapchat is notorious for 10-second selfies,

Working Within Your Budget: Technology vs. Agency

We haven’t met one person who isn’t a fan of saving money. So, when it comes down to hiring for your business, why wouldn't you want to put a few bucks back in your pocket? Well, with Jobble you can.

4 Ways to Create a Job Posting that Attracts Top Talent

Do you remember looking for jobs in the local classifieds? Remember how boring they were? So often you’d be so unenthused you’d place the paper down and never look at it again. In reality, some of those jobs could’ve been