December 2016 - Jobble

9 Simple Ways to Boost Engagement at Your Events

For those of you who have organized an event, you know how much time and effort goes into creating one that people buzz about. The number one goal is to make sure your attendees have a memorable experience that they

Jobble Messenger Best Practices (For Business)

Before we introduced Jobble Messenger, hiring managers emailed their Jobblers when they needed to get in touch with them. This tactic worked, but it didn’t give businesses the opportunity to fluently communicate with their applicants. Although we introduced this feature

How to Prevent No-Shows

If you own a business or you're in charge of hiring, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of employee no-shows. No one in the industry likes no-shows, yet they affect all types of events, big or small. The next time

Jobbler of the Month, November – Jensen Lozano

Meet Jensen Lozano from Belmont, MA. In just one month, Jensen has made such a positive impact as a Jobbler. His work ethic is undeniable and his infectious smile brightens up anyone's day. His very first job was for the