January 2017 - Jobble

Your Guide to the Gig Economy

If there's an iron law of business, it is that that the world never stands still. Technology is always changing, and with it comes new business practices, capabilities, and expectations. The most successful businesses are the ones that make the

Jobbler of the Month, January – Ally Roenfeldt

Meet Ally Roenfeldt from Las Vegas! Ally discovered Jobble when she was in search of some extra income after she moved from Vegas to Boston. Shortly after moving, she found our app and her Jobbler journey began in August, 2016.

2017 Hiring Trends: What To Expect

If you're in the business of recruiting, you know how hard it is to lock down top talent. Based on our research, 2017 will be more competitive than ever. The industry continues to evolve and adopt new technology, which means

How To Write a Job Description That Doesn’t Suck

If you’ve ever had to peruse hundreds of job postings on the internet in search of a new job (which is most of us), you know how frustrating it can be to get excited about a posting, only to find