June 2017 - Jobble

Join Us for Boston’s First EVER Pizza Fest

We’ve partnered with Boston Pizza Fest for their first EVER pizza celebration! The cheesy extravaganza is a two-day outdoor event featuring live music, food, and giveaways. With over 25 pizza vendors, there’s a slice for everyone! Each pizza vendor will

18 Places to Host Your Next Event in NYC

In the ‘city that never sleeps’ there’s an endless supply of venues for your next event, but trying to figure out where you’re going to host it can be quite daunting. From eclectic to classic, rustic to modern, NYC has

Jobbler of the Month, June – Elvis Okeny

Elvis Okeny of Baltimore, MD joined the Jobble community in May 2017 and has been actively participating since then. Starting out with a setup/breakdown event in Baltimore, MD, Elvis recently traveled up to Dover, DE to work countless hours at

How Jobble Serves the Restaurant Delivery Industry

Just 10 years ago, “dinner and a movie” meant jumping in the car, heading down to your favorite restaurant, and then making your way to your local cinema to see that week’s hottest flick. But with the advent of on-demand

No Shows: The Importance of Building Your Jobbler Reputation and the Consequences of No-showing

When businesses hire people like you on Jobble, they’re looking for someone reliable that they can count on to show up for whatever gig, event, or job they're hiring for. The process of getting hired on Jobble is simple, but

35 Essential Job Roles for a Successful Event [Free PDF]

Staffing an event is like laying down the foundation for a 10-story building, without allocating essential personnel your entire operation can be at stake. Your event and location correlate to the structure of your building and its foundation. The size

The 2017 Staffing Agency Hiring Guide [Free eBook]

Ask a recruiter about what they do, and you’d probably be overwhelmed with the tasks and projects they juggle on a daily basis. Recruiting is no easy task. For one thing, recruiters have a lot of expectations to uphold. Research

100 Questions to Ask in Your Next Job Posting [Free PDF]

Hiring the right candidates is hard, but knowing what questions to ask can be even harder. Asking the right questions can help distinguish the best candidates for your postings, while asking the wrong questions (or none at all!) might lead

Jobbler(s) of the Month, May – Algia and Riko

This month we decided to switch up our Jobbler of the Month a little by featuring not one, but two Jobblers! Algia Benjamin and Riko Bol are natives to Boston and have been members of Jobble since August of 2016.