July 2017 - Jobble

Jobbler of the Month, July – Rocio Bentancourt

Rocio Bentancourt of Dover, DE recently joined Jobble this June and was an outstanding worker during Firefly Music Festival. She was always ready to work at a moment's notice and went above and beyond. Rocio is a student at Delaware

How Jobble Works [Infographic]

Throughout our careers, and even our lifetimes, we’ve all had to learn new things. Whether it’s riding a bike, opening a bank account, or writing persuasive blog posts (am I doing ok so far?). Some result in a newfound sense

21 Job Certifications That Stand Out to Employers

Not all certifications are created equal. Some professional certifications require months, or even years of studying just to pass a test, while others demand many years under your belt in a certain field before you apply. Based on the importance

11 Places to Host Your Next Event in Chicago

Chicago is big, ever changing, and boasts more than 250 theaters and 225 music venues. Choosing a venue is never easy, but in the Windy City, the breeze has stirred up some amazing spaces. Whether you’re planning your company’s next

How to Calculate (and Combat) Employee Turnover

Hiring an employee is like making an investment. They can either add value to your company and appreciate over time, or drain your funds, time and resources. A positive ROI will materialize when they grow and become adept in their

Keep Your Recruiting Efforts In-House with Jobble

From finding the perfect candidates to writing creative job descriptions, hiring managers want the best for their company. That means they want their staff to be as talented, prepared and passionate as they are. If these hiring managers can convey