January 2019 - Jobble

The Jobble Gig Economy Roundup // January 14, 2019

    The Six Entrepreneurial Skills Every Successful Freelancer Has Mastered – Forbes Organizational pundits often talk about the difference between “hard” and “soft” skills. The idea is this: hard skills, or technical skills, are the competencies that companies pay

The Jobble Gig Economy Roundup // January 7, 2019

    Five Predictions For The Gig Economy And Freelancing In 2019 – Forbes Entrepreneurship is now taking on a wholly different additional meaning. A growing number of millennials and Gen Z’ers are becoming “solopreneurs,” that is taking their skills

How To Grow Your Business Using Brand Ambassadors [FREE GUIDE]

Getting the word out about your brand and your product is essential. It may seem like you’re shelling out a lot of money into marketing, advertising or PR, but sometimes all you need is a face-to-face interaction to bring your