4 Ways To Improve Your Training Technique

BY Julia Ryder

18 Aug, 2016

4 Ways To Improve Your Training Technique

BY Julia Ryder

Organizing an efficient training session doesn’t need to be difficult. Whether you are planning an event that requires staffing or you are hiring Jobblers to fulfill part-time immediate needs, use these tips to accomplish your goals in an engaging and pleasurable way.

Be Prepared.

Begin your training session with a brief overview of the main points of the subject that you are covering. Include company policies and demonstrate standard procedures. Depending on the structure of your session, you can do this through a one-sheeter.

Hands On.

Incorporate all of the senses. Demonstrate while applying teaching points to increase absorption of the subject matter. Involve active participation rather than theoretical.

Encourage Enthusiasm.

Dry and dull sessions discourage enthusiasm. Provide practical information about what Jobblers can do to achieve better results. Humor helps keep enthusiasm at peak levels.



Wrap up the training with a summary of your opening overview. Repetition helps Jobblers grasp and retain essential information. Requesting feedback from the Jobblers is the best way to measure how well they processed the information. Use this feedback to discover what worked well and what didn’t for future training sessions.
It is extremely important to be attentive. Jobblers rely on your energy and knowledge to carry them through their work day. No matter how straightforward you believe your job posting is, always provide an extra bit of preparation on your end to ensure that they have fully grasped their duties.

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