6 Ways Retail’s Ramping Up for Valentine’s Day – 2020

BY Julia Ryder

09 Jan, 2020

6 Ways Retail’s Ramping Up for Valentine’s Day – 2020

BY Julia Ryder

According to the National Retail Federation, consumers spent $20.7 billion on Valentine’s Day in 2019. That means the average person spent about $221.34 on their heartthrob! What makes this holiday a little different from the others is the gift purchasing process. Valentine’s celebrants are truly multi-channel shoppers. They’re buying gifts online, in department stores, specialty stores (ex. florists) and more. With Valentine’s day just weeks away, retailers are preparing for a rush of orders, and this is how they’re getting it done:


Tailoring to Their Customers

Shopping isn’t always someone’s favorite thing to do, especially during holidays. To distract lethargic or irritated customers, lots of stores will be stocking up on their refreshments and making the environment as enjoyable as possible.
It’s no secret that people are still watching their wallets after the winter festivities. To lure in customers, shop owners will be appealing to shoppers’ thrifty sides, whether it’s with window signage or showcasing ads that promote two-for-one or buy one, get one half off.

Establishing Focal Points and Restocking the Floor Often

No one wants to search aimlessly to find the perfect gift. Retailers get it! Instead of scattering their items around the store they’re pulling all of their V-day merch to the front so customers can get in and out. Happy customers = happy staff.
Nothing’s worse than an over-picked selection of gifts. If there’s more stock in the back, you can bet that companies are continuously replenishing it out on the sales floor.

Selling Outside the Store

Instead of displaying all of the V-day goodies inside, you’ll start to see stores placing racks of cards, bouquets of flowers and boxes of chocolate outside the store. Some stores are even making it one step easier by providing cashiers alongside the displays to ring everything up. This way customers don’t have to fight their way to the register.

Creating Their Own Gift Baskets and Offering In-Store Wrapping

For those last-minute gift purchases, stores will be pulling related products together and arranging them into attractive baskets wrapped in that infamous candescent pink cellophane. With in-store wrapping services, customers don’t have to think about the logistics. Even if they charge a small fee, customers are going to remember these stores the next time they need a gift.

Helping Their Customers Be Creative Gift Givers

Stores will be training their employees to facilitate real relationships with their customers by encouraging them to ask specific questions so they can truly understand their shoppers’ needs. If that doesn’t work, suggesting something that everyone loves always works, be it a bottle of wine with a selection of artisan cheeses or a gift card. Gift cards may not be as creative but desperation is desperation and some people just go for it and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Getting the Word Out

Last but certainly not least, companies will be doubling down on email marketing with things like highlighting in-store promotions or offering information about extended hours. Social media will also be the retailer’s best friend this year where they can offer discounts, a gift with purchase, or posting inspirational loving quotes to create lots of positive engagement.

How Are You Going to Prepare?

With the massive winter holiday order rush still fresh in their heads, retailers are going to be extra prepared to make this V-day a special one. So if you’re in the retail business, consider implementing these preparation plans into your Valentine’s Day extravaganza. If you incorporate just a few of these tactics we’re sure your customers will find the perfect gift for their loved ones and leave with an everlasting memory.

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