Are You The Perfect Fit For The Job?

By Julia Ryder
August 2, 2016

[fusion_text]How many times have you applied for a job that seems like a perfect fit, but you didn’t get hired? Many Jobblers are experiencing the same problem as you; they are qualified, fit the job description, and show extreme enthusiasm towards the position, but somehow slip through the hiring process.

Obviously the issue isn’t being over qualified or fitting the job description. The problem lies within your basic and extended profile description. It is very common among people, that they can describe everyone in their locality or any second person, but not themselves. That is why many of profiles fall short in true self opinion and assessment.

If you believe your profile is fitting to your personality and qualifications, have a friend or colleague look it over for some extra criticism. Often, a new pair of eyes, point out details about you that your forgot to add.

Before creating or revamping your basic or extended profile use these tips as guideline to create a rock star Jobbler presence.

About You. (gender, shirt size, location) This is the part where you describe the basics about yourself. How do you identify yourself? Are you from the Sunshine State or The Big Easy? What size shirt do you wear? Make it easier for hiring managers to already have your uniform ready. Just by making a few simple adjustments so you can stand out from the crowd. Preparation demonstrates your dedication!

Certifications. Include all of your eligible certifications and rise to the top! You spent all that time getting your food handlers license, why not let your future employers know that too! There are many restaurants that require you to have a food handler’s license in order for you to serve. This is a handy certification if you are in between jobs, working through school, or you just want to work with food in general.

Gallery. When it comes down to online profiles, select an array of appropriate pictures to portray the right image. Your profile picture should be simple and a good representation of your professional character. It is crucial that you choose photos that do not confuse the viewer or misconstrue your image. Don’t fall into the common trend of using a photo of something other than yourself.  Double-check that there is nothing distracting behind you before you take that ultimate shot.

Level of Education. You didn’t go through four years of excessive coffee, ramen noodles, and no sleep for it to not get mentioned. No matter what level of education you have received, proudly select your level of education.

Previous Brands. If you are looking for jobs in a specific industry, list brands that you have worked with before. Mentioning that you were a brand ambassador for Nike will definitely heighten your chances of landing a position in the fashion and apparel industry. No matter how big or how small the company, include previous brands that represent your expertise.

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