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Julia graduated in May of 2016 from Suffolk University in Boston, MA with a strong passion for entrepreneurship. Following her entrepreneurial passions Julia joined Jobble. As the Marketing Manager of Jobble, Julia is in charge of developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans in order to attract potential customers and retain existing ones. Julia is expected to complete her MBA in Spring of 2018 from Suffolk University. In her free time Julia can be found on Cape Cod spending time with her family and two chocolate labs! She is obsessed with nature and everything sweet (especially donuts)!

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Getting the word out about your brand and your product is essential. It may seem like you’re shelling out a lot of money into marketing, advertising or PR, but sometimes all you need is a face-to-face interaction to bring your

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We get it - there’s a chance that you’ve never heard of Jobble before, so let’s introduce you. Jobble is a platform that connects people like you who are in search of flexible work, with businesses offering flexible hire. Because

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7 Time Management Hacks For The Ever-Busy Gig Worker – Forbes Piecework. It is an old industrial term that referred to people who were paid by the number of pieces they produced – maybe articles of clothing, as an example. The

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Top 100 Gig Economy Jobs Like Uber – Hurdlr Jobs like Uber, Amazon Flex, and other rideshare companies are a great way to earn additional income with the Gig Economy. So is renting out your place on sites like Airbnb. But

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How Gig Economy Workers Can Save Thousands on Their Taxes – Jobble Taxes don’t have to be such a headache for gig economy workers. In fact, by taking the right deductions, you can actually save thousands of dollars each year, lightening