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About Julia Ryder

Julia graduated in May of 2016 from Suffolk University in Boston, MA with a strong passion for entrepreneurship. Following her entrepreneurial passions Julia joined Jobble. As the Marketing Manager of Jobble, Julia is in charge of developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans in order to attract potential customers and retain existing ones. Julia is expected to complete her MBA in Spring of 2018 from Suffolk University. In her free time Julia can be found on Cape Cod spending time with her family and two chocolate labs! She is obsessed with nature and everything sweet (especially donuts)!

The Jobble Gig Economy Roundup // September 17, 2018

  How One College Student Found the Perfect Side Gig in Pet Sitting - Rover It can be hard to find summer work as a full-time college student. From unpaid internships to short-term restaurant gigs, the choices aren’t always appealing.

The Jobble Gig Economy Roundup // September 11, 2018

  How New College Students Are Earning Money In The Gig Economy College students are in an excellent position to use the gig economy to their advantage- they’re comfortable with using technology to improve their job performance, have flexible schedules

The Jobble Gig Economy Roundup // September 4, 2018

  Leveraging The Gig Economy The Right Way  The rapid rise of the gig economy has been stunning. Companies like Lyft and Uber have achieved enormous valuations – and the growth continues to be robust. By: Tom Taulli, Forbes Read

The Jobble Gig Economy Roundup // August 28, 2018

  How To Build A Thriving Business In The Gig Economy The rapid technological changes in the economy bring tremendous uncertainty to the job market. Job security no longer exists. The good news is that with risks come great opportunities.

What to do if your company doesn’t have an enlightened approach to work

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The Futurist: How will technology alter the future of HR

Astrid Rainey, head of human resources, Asia Pacific, Clyde & Co on how HR professionals can partner with the business to prepare and help adapt to this future world. Go to Source

Postmates expands its delivery services to Baton Rouge

The Silicon Valley tech platform recently announced the expansion of its coverage to nearly one in two U.S. households. The mobile app service offers on-demand delivery Go to Source Author:

Here’s the Real Reason You May Not Be Getting Hired

A picture can speak a thousand words. It also can be the first thing that person sees before they meet you. Social media has allowed complete transparency into someone’s life and making a good first impression is no new concept

What Superhero (Hiring Manager) Are You?

It’s 2 pm on a Wednesday and your thoughts start to drift somewhere else. As you’re daydreaming at your desk you begin to fantasize what it would be like to unleash your inner superhero. “How much easier would it be

30 Items Every Rideshare Driver Should Have

If you’re thinking of becoming a rideshare driver, you may have an uncertainty of what you should carry in your car. It’s important to create a pleasant experience for you and your rider, with safety in mind, so that you