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How to Hire a Team of 100+ for a Three-Day Festival

In just three days Red Frog Events welcomed over 90,000 people to their 2017 Firefly Music Festival. Nestled in the woodlands of Dover, DE the festival headlined artists Bob Dylan, the Weeknd, as well as more than 125 other bands. As a

How to Secure the Happiness of 10,000 Attendees

What if we told you you had 3 weeks to staff a festival that expected to house over 10,000 attendees? Sounds like an arduous assignment. But don’t tell this to festival co-founders, Giancarlo Natale and Raffaele Scalzi. These two were

How To Hire a Street Team of 30 in 24 Hours

What if we told you you had 24 hours to hire a street team of 30 people? Sounds like a mission for James Bond. But don’t tell that to Kelsey Dermody of Global View Communications (GVC). Kelsey was able to

Jobbler of the Month, August – Allison Verdi

Meet Allison Verdi Allison joined the Jobble community in March of 2016. Since March, Allison has worked with various organizations and businesses to help deliver spectacular promotional events. Allison joined Jobble after needing a change from her serious corporate role in D.C.