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Jobbler of the Month, March – Maryley Carrillo

Maryley Carrillo, 32, Pacoima CA March’s outstanding Jobbler is Pacoima native, Maryley Carrillo. Since joining Jobble in April of 2017 Maryley has worked a number of positions and received praised reviews from her hiring managers. Retail help, event help, and

Jobbler of the Month, February – Emilio Rodriguez

Emilio Rodriguez is a native of Bronx, New York. It wasn’t until January of 2018 when Emilio hopped on the Jobble train. Just two days into using Jobble, Emilio found a part-time, overnight job that he currently holds today. It’s

Jobbler of the Month, November – Jackie Bassett

Jackie Bassett of Nantucket, Massachusetts joined Jobble in September of 2017 and has exhibited an unwavering amount of support for Jobble ever since. She’s an energetic, dedicated worker that yearns to go above and beyond when given the opportunity. We’ve

Jobbler of the Month, October – Pat Jewett

Pat Jewett of Portland, Oregon joined Jobble in May of 2017 and since then she's proven to be an all-star Jobbler! She's a person that you can always depend on – and a Jobbler that businesses rave about. Pat previously

Jobbler of the Month, July – Rocio Bentancourt

Rocio Bentancourt of Dover, DE recently joined Jobble this June and was an outstanding worker during Firefly Music Festival. She was always ready to work at a moment's notice and went above and beyond. Rocio is a student at Delaware

Jobbler of the Month, June – Elvis Okeny

Elvis Okeny of Baltimore, MD joined the Jobble community in May 2017 and has been actively participating since then. Starting out with a setup/breakdown event in Baltimore, MD, Elvis recently traveled up to Dover, DE to work countless hours at

Jobbler(s) of the Month, May – Algia and Riko

This month we decided to switch up our Jobbler of the Month a little by featuring not one, but two Jobblers! Algia Benjamin and Riko Bol are natives to Boston and have been members of Jobble since August of 2016.

Jobbler of the Month, April – Aumer Poliard

Aumer Poliard of Fort Lauderdale, Florida completed his first Jobble as Event Staff during Color Fun Fest in Tampa, FL where he now currently resides. Since his first Jobble, Aumer has been a very active and dedicated member of our

Jobbler of the Month, February – Erin Pyle

Erin Pyle of Santa Cruz, California completed her first Jobble as a brand ambassador for a 90’s Bar Crawl in Austin, TX on February 18, 2017, and has already wooed us with her hard work ethic. She’s an extroverted people

Jobbler of the Month, January – Ally Roenfeldt

Meet Ally Roenfeldt from Las Vegas! Ally discovered Jobble when she was in search of some extra income after she moved from Vegas to Boston. Shortly after moving, she found our app and her Jobbler journey began in August, 2016.