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How the Gig Economy Changed My Life – The Blessed Driver

What started with an on-demand ridesharing app, the gig economy has evolved over the years and spread into a number of different verticals, ranging from grocery delivery to retail to healthcare services. With millions of users accessing gig services each

5 Things You Should Know About Getting Paid Through Jobble

We get it - there’s a chance that you’ve never heard of Jobble before, so let’s introduce you. Jobble is a platform that connects people like you who are in search of flexible work, with businesses offering flexible hire. Because

When Do Employers Send Out W-2 Forms?

Just like the holiday season, the tax season is slowly creeping up on us, and we should be prepared. The form that most people care about is the Form W-2, which has an annual January 31st due date. If you're

4 Steps to Posting an Effective Job Listing on Craigslist

Despite having so many options for places to post jobs these days, it's not always easy to get noticed by the right applicants. Craigslist is a great platform to get your job in front of a lot of candidates at

Working Within Your Budget: Technology vs. Agency

We haven’t met one person who isn’t a fan of saving money. So, when it comes down to hiring for your business, why wouldn't you want to put a few bucks back in your pocket? Well, with Jobble you can.

4 Ways to Create a Job Posting that Attracts Top Talent

Do you remember looking for jobs in the local classifieds? Remember how boring they were? So often you’d be so unenthused you’d place the paper down and never look at it again. In reality, some of those jobs could’ve been

What is a Flexible Workforce?

It wasn’t too long ago that people would work at the same company for their entire career. Job security, a solid benefit plan and moving your way up the company’s corporate ladder was the American dream. But things aren’t quite

How to Retain Rock Stars

Many businesses have had the pleasure of working with a variety of people. These days’ employees are very transient and love the idea of flexible work. It spices up their daily work routine, and allows them to explore many different

Gig Economy & What It Means For On-Demand Workers

It’s crazy to think how the meaning of words can change over time. I’m no linguist, but off the top, I can name a few words where its associated meaning has changed. Technology ushered a new, more commonly associated meaning