35 Essential Job Roles for a Successful Event [Free PDF]

BY Michael Kutch

12 Jun, 2017

35 Essential Job Roles for a Successful Event [Free PDF]

BY Michael Kutch

Staffing an event is like laying down the foundation for a 10-story building, without allocating essential personnel your entire operation can be at stake.
Your event and location correlate to the structure of your building and its foundation. The size of your staff fills in the gaps, strengthens the core, and creates depth. Staff members are individual bricks. Each brick is dependent on the last, and proper management and coordinators act as cement, keeping the bricks in line.
This barely scratches the surface of event planning. While it can be complex, you can make the process easier by determining the types of roles you’ll need to make sure your event goes off without a hitch! That’s why we created a downloadable list of 35 Essential Job Roles for a Successful Event
Here’s a sample of the type of job roles that you’ll find in our list!
Job Type #5: Registration/Admission

  • Depending on the type of event, registration and/or admission workers might be necessary. They handle the flow of event attendees, control ticketing and lines, and oversee who’s entering and exiting the venue. 


Job Type #6: Security (Field, Entrance/Exit, Crowd Control)

  • When throwing an event, you never want a staff member or guest feeling threatened or endangered. Security personnel are essential to making sure your venue is safe and the people attending/working are under no threat or able to become a threat. 

Job Type #12: Janitorial

  • Having personnel focused on keeping your venue clean and sanitary is a must. Janitorial staff make sure trash bins don’t overflow, the grounds aren’t littered and that restrooms are clean and stocked with necessary supplies (ex. soap and toilet paper). They take care of spills and messes that may occur during the event.

With this list of essential job roles, you’ll be sure to nail your next event!
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