Everything You Need to Know About Jobble

By Julia Ryder
September 15, 2016

the hunt for temporary employees? Like any other gig-driven app, such as Lyft or Uber that connect drivers with people looking for rides, Jobble uses mobile technology to instantly and easily connect companies with quality people looking for work (except they don’t need a car). We call these people Jobblers! Our platform replaced old school staffing with software that bridges the gap between businesses and job seekers.

Jobble Growth

Instead of dealing with staffing agencies who offer high convenience fees and longer lead times, you can hire a vetted staff without jeopardizing your current margins. In less than a year we’ve expanded nationwide, in over 25 cities, with over 600 companies on our platform and thousands of Jobblers. If you’re a company that has multiple locations across the country, we’re able to clone your staffing needs just about anywhere!

Not to mention, that on average, we can staff over 100 Jobblers in as little as two to three days. Just recently, we staffed over 100 applicants for Vertex Festival in Buena Vista, Colorado. Not only did the event demand a large number of applicants, but for those unfamiliar with the area, the festival was located in a remote area in the mountains! While this particular event was hiring  bartenders and concession stand staff, our application offers a slew of different job types. From medical staff all the way to warehouse staff, companies can post a job, get paired with a pool of rated applicants, and pay them all through a secured platform. And remember, we do NOT charge your card until the job is done!


Jobble Messenger

Among other features, our application has an option for businesses to directly message Jobblers. We created in-app messaging to improve the hiring process by giving managers the ability to easily qualify pending candidates and to communicate pertinent details in real-time without having to share your personal contact information. Our team works hard every day to come up with new innovations, like Jobble Messenger, to make your life easier.

With so many things to worry about when running a company, we wanted to make recruiting and hiring on-demand staff easier. You never have to worry about who you are choosing to represent your company. All of our Jobblers are complete with profiles that display levels of experience and recommendations from previous employers. No surprises here! Whether you’re looking for help immediately, or sometime down the road, Jobble has you covered.

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