5 Famous Food & Drink Brands Dipping into the Gig Economy

BY Julia Ryder

15 Mar, 2017

5 Famous Food & Drink Brands Dipping into the Gig Economy

BY Julia Ryder

Search for “gig economy” on Google, and you’ll be greeted with a wide range of news articles and opinion pieces about its impact on society. Regardless of where you might stand on the topic, you may be surprised to learn about brands we love who are (and have been) taking part in the gig economy. Check out how these five famous food and drink establishments are playing a role in the success of the gig economy.


Founded in the 1960’s, Domino’s has been praised for their fabulous and affordable pizza. But what really makes their customers happy is their entire tracking and delivery process. It seems like no matter where you are you can get a pizza delivered to your door within 30 minutes! Domino’s depends on services like Snagajob to hire on-demand delivery drivers to provide their beloved cinnamon breadsticks and pepperoni pizzas to their customers.


Whether you like a bowl or a burrito, Chipotle has become one of America’s favorite fast food Mexican joints. Postmates’ on-demand, 24-7 delivery service is responsible for delivering Chipotle orders from coast to coast. The company reported a 30 percent month-over-month growth on delivery orders. And it doesn’t stop there; Chipotle also partnered up with Tapingo to deliver to more than 100 campuses! Now that your mouth is watering for chorizo, see if you’re eligible to get a burrito delivered to you in minutes.

Auntie Anne’s

Forget about trekking down to the mall or stumbling upon an Auntie Anne’s at the airport. Since August of 2015, Auntie Anne’s pretzels has been delivering its mouth-watering pretzels to customers. Thanks to Postmates’ on-demand delivery service, you can indulge in one of their warm doughy confections whenever, wherever you want.  

Taco Bell

In July of 2015, Taco Bell launched on-demand delivery for over 200 restaurants in California and Texas. The CA-based company teamed up with on-demand delivery service DoorDash so consumers could enjoy a Cheesy Gordita Crunch in the comfort of their home. Check to see if delivery service is available in your area.


When you don’t have time to swing by your local Starbucks to order that Grande Macchiato, the gig economy has you covered. In March of 2015, the coffee chain announced that it was testing two delivery methods in Seattle and New York City. In Seattle, they teamed up with Postmates to integrate delivery into their mobile app. In NYC, Starbucks rolled out Green Apron, which allowed customers in certain office buildings to order food and drinks to be delivered. Now they’re on their way to delivering to multiple locations and have found success using both of these delivery services.

The Answer to Our Cravings

One thing is clear: haters are gonna hate, but the gig economy is here to stay. The fact that you can get Taco Bell delivered straight to your house is all the more reason to support the cause. Stay tuned for our next segment on the five retail brands that are dipping into the gig-economy!
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