How the Gig Economy Changed My Life – The Blessed Driver

BY Kaylania Chapman

03 Apr, 2019

How the Gig Economy Changed My Life – The Blessed Driver

BY Kaylania Chapman


What started with an on-demand ridesharing app, the gig economy has evolved over the years and spread into a number of different verticals, ranging from grocery delivery to retail to healthcare services. With millions of users accessing gig services each month, a new kind of workforce has bloomed. From driving with Uber to delivering food with DoorDash, thousands of freelance jobs have flooded the job market.


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As a single mother, the gig economy truly changed my life for the better. I began dabbling in the gig economy in 2014. At that time, I had chosen not to renew my contract teaching and move in with my elderly grandfather. While acting as my grandfather’s primary caretaker, I started earning extra income with an app called Homejoy. Before closing its doors in July of 2015, Homejoy was a platform that provided on-demand cleaning services to homeowners. After the app shutdown, I started applying to shifts and earning a decent income on Handy, but not enough to keep me gigging full-time.

The squeaky wheel always gets the grease.

In fall of 2016, I began driving for Uber and Lyft part-time, while working at an assisted living facility, taking care of my grandfather, and being a single parent. After weighing out my options, I made a huge decision to leave the demanding health care industry and take-on gigging full-time. In October of 2016, I began delivering for Postmates and Instacart and also experimented with other apps such as UberEats, Doordash, and GrubHub. At that time, Instacart just launched in my hometown of Orlando and I was making excellent money. I would earn anywhere from $400 to $900 a week! I was able to rent a condo, purchase a vehicle, and provide for my family. Thanks to the gig economy I was financially free!


“Thanks to the gig economy I was financially free!”


As a freelancer, I had a newfound sense of mobility and independence. However, at times, consistency in my earnings varied and as the sole provider for my family I had to explore every on-demand opportunity to guarantee a consistent income.


Starting my YouTube Channel.

I started my YouTube channel and website The Blessed Driver in October of 2016. There are plenty of people just like me – single mothers who are struggling or college students trying to make ends meet. I wanted to voice my opinion and share my experiences on the gig economy and the apps that I was utilizing. My YouTube channel helps these people navigate through the gig economy and lock down a stable income. With over 6,000 subscribers tuned in to my career advice and honest reviews, I’ve found a new purpose.




More opportunity on Jobble

One thing I consistently tell my audience is to know their seasons. There are times where there’s an abundance of gigs and other times where you’ll be constantly refreshing all of your apps to find work.

Luckily, Jobble is a great platform to use when you are facing seasonality. Jobble’s marketplace connects the 60 million US Gig Economy workers with flexible work opportunities year-round. I admire the fact that Jobble has real job opportunities available other than side hustles. Whether you are looking for a quick weekend job or a new career, Jobble is there to connect you with your next boss. With instant access to thousands of local job openings and you can apply to available gigs anywhere in the United States. Work when you can and don’t stress when you can’t.


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My final thoughts are, if you enjoy working as an independent contractor, or have used a mobile app to find sustainable work, continue to do what works best for you. Always have a plan of action on providing steady streams of income if you’re going back into the job market. Keep searching for better opportunities, because the right one will find you.


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