How To Create Your First Job on Jobble (with screenshots)

BY Julia Ryder

23 Nov, 2016

How To Create Your First Job on Jobble (with screenshots)

BY Julia Ryder

You have a job description prepared and you’re ready to use Jobble for the first time, all that’s left to do is to post your job. So let’s get started on making your staffing dreams come true! Use these four steps to help you post your very first job posting on Jobble.

Step 1: Create a job

This is the first step in creating your job posting (just click). Pretty simple, yet super exciting! You can start creating your own here.

Step 2: Add post title, job type, dress code, hourly rate and # of openings.

Job Type.
Whether you’re looking for an outgoing server or an environmentally friendly brand ambassador to demo your fair trade chocolate at Whole Foods, select a job type that suits your position. Our workers (aka Jobblers) have the option to filter their job board based on the types of work they are interested in, so be sure to choose the right job type as well.

Think about the job titles you used in your latest job postings on other platforms. Are they eye-catching, relatable? Put yourself in the candidates’ shoes. A job title is their first impression. If you were a job seeker what would you want to see? Why are you going to apply for this job and not another one? When you start to brainstorm, watch out for buzzwords, be clear and concise and more importantly, leave them a little curious to find out more.

Job Description.
I know we say this a lot, but it’s important to spark enough interest for candidates to want to interact with your company. Be sure to paint a picture of the position you’re looking to fill. Set expectations, outline responsibilities and add additional company requirements. Be careful not to focus on every detailed requirement. While you always want to be transparent, you can still upsell the enticing tasks and downplay the ones that aren’t quite so exciting.

Dress Code.
Button up? Slacks? T-shirt and jeans? Decide how you want your staff to look and get them excited to wear your SWAG, whether it’s T-shirts or trucker hats.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Set your own hourly rate.  What do you think it takes to complete the job? Consider the requirements of the job, as well as the timing of the need. Offering an above-average compensation is one of the most effective ways to lock down top talent and increase attendance. It may be a good idea to keep this in mind when determining your hourly rate.




Step 3: Shifts

In this step you can edit the address, start date, shift time and shift duration of your position. Once you’ve created your first shift, you have the option to add more if needed. If you’ve added multiple shifts, applicants are required to work all of the shifts, so keep this in mind when you’re posting.
With our cloning feature, all of your jobs are pre-populated to save you the trouble of unnecessary clicks and retyping of lengthy descriptions. Cloning is perfect for companies that intend to post similar job positions, whether they’re days apart or a few months down the road. Once you’ve added multiple shifts, applicants are required to work all of the shifts.

Step 4: Review and post

Make sure you’re happy with your post. Double check all of the information, correct any last-minute details, and once you think your post is perfect you’re ready to go!

Step 5: Enter your company details and upload your logo

If you already have an account simply log in, if you haven’t created one yet, you will be prompted to sign up in order to post your shift.
Your company logo and brand are the first things people notice about you, so you want to make sure they leave a good impression.
To make sure your logo looks as attractive as possible, we recommend that your photo is:

    1. Proportional: Square photos look more professional than rectangular ones and reduce the risk of distortion.
    2. Crystal Clear: It’s alway best to make sure your logo looks sharp.
    3. The Right Size: We recommend that your photo be at least 300×300 pixels. Anything smaller than that may affect your logo’s quality.

Once you’ve settled on a logo and confirmed your email your post is officially live

We understand that it can be difficult to learn a new platform. But with these five steps you should be on your way to connecting with some spectacular candidates. In fact, we’ve found that the average first-time user can post a job in less than 5 minutes (kudos, tech team!). So if you’re looking for help immediately, or sometime down the road, we have you covered.

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