How to Hire a Team of 100+ for a Three-Day Festival

By Julia Ryder
October 27, 2017

In just three days Red Frog Events welcomed over 90,000 people to their 2017 Firefly Music Festival. Nestled in the woodlands of Dover, DE the festival headlined artists Bob Dylan, the Weeknd, as well as more than 125 other bands. As a pioneer in the experiential entertainment industry, Red Frog has worked with numerous staffing agencies to source candidates to work their events. In search of a transparent and affordable temporary-staffing solution, Emily Littlejohn, Red Frog’s Staffing Operations Executive, connected with Jobble. Jobble provided Red Frog with over 100 Jobblers to work 3,300 hours for their three-day music festival.

The Mission

Red Frog had two main staffing concerns going into the festival – meeting their budget projections and making sure they were adequately staffed at all times during the festival. Red Frog often sees a high attrition rate from their local hires in Dover, and our platform made it possible to fill last-minute holes and reduce those rates.


Life Before Jobble

A ton of logistics went into Firefly Music Festival (i.e., lodging, passes, the lineup, organizing the community, etc.). An event like Firefly has enormous impacts on the local community, and in towns like Dover, there are only so many people that can take on temporary work.

In previous years Emily worked with traditional third-party staffing companies like Labor Ready. But festival days can be extended, and needs can change at any given time. Our transparency allowed our clients to stay nimble. Many staffing agencies only operate during traditional business hours, while our platform responded to client requests at all hours of the day and night.

“If Jobble weren’t available it would be a big step back for us.” – Emily Littlejohn, Staffing Operations Executive


The most significant value prop that our clients said we brought to the table was that we delivered the staff they needed. But more importantly, we were always upfront when we’re struggling to recruit in newer or more rural markets. Our transparency allowed our clients to stay nimble and collaborate on backup plans to make sure our recruitment was successful.

As always, we’re very appreciative of our partners taking time out of their day to provide us with valuable feedback. Stories like these are what keep us going, and help us to refine and improve our product continually. Huge thanks to Emily Littlejohn for filling us in on this success story!


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