How To Hire a Street Team of 30 in 24 Hours

By Chris Kiertz
September 19, 2016

What if we told you you had 24 hours to hire a street team of 30 people? Sounds like a mission for James Bond. But don’t tell that to Kelsey Dermody of Global View Communications (GVC). Kelsey was able to accomplish the un-accomplishable and hire all 30 people for one of her most high-profile clients (without the Pierce Brosnan theatrics, of course).


The Mission

In all seriousness, Kelsey did have a big undertaking on her hands. Working with one of the region’s tastiest burger hot spots, she and Providence-based GVC were tasked with promoting the grand opening of the chain’s newest storefront. This meant organizing and recruiting a street team to blanket surrounding neighborhoods with flyers. The kicker? She had to fill 30 spots in 24 hours.




This was GVC’s first time using Jobble, so naturally, there were some hesitations. Kelsey wasn’t sure she’d be able to attract quality talent in such a short window, but because Jobblers are vetted by us first, these hesitations were “addressed right away, knowing that the people were all perfect for the job at-hand.”


“Everyone showed up and was great. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. We ended up getting all of the flyers out, which was perfect.”


Life Before Jobble

While talking with Kelsey, it was clear that in her pre-Jobble days, she really would’ve been in a bind. Having no other solution like this before, she would’ve had to scramble to find, recruit, hire and process each and every one of those 30 employees by herself. But with Jobble by her side, all she had to do was post the job and let the applicants come to her. As Kelsey mentioned, “we had never found a platform like this where we could handle it all ourselves.”




Having such a positive first experience, Kelsey didn’t hesitate to use Jobble a second time, and she looks forward to growing our partnership together.


“I would recommend you to anyone.”


As always, we’re very appreciative of our partners taking time out of their day to provide us with valuable feedback. Stories like these are what keep us going, and help us to continually refine and improve our product. Huge thanks to Kelsey for hopping on the phone with us!


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