How to Secure the Happiness of 10,000 Attendees

By Julia Ryder
September 1, 2017

What if we told you you had 3 weeks to staff a festival that expected to house over 10,000 attendees? Sounds like an arduous assignment. But don’t tell this to festival co-founders, Giancarlo Natale and Raffaele Scalzi. These two were able to pull off Boston’s first Pizza Festival without any recruiting hiccups.

The Mission

With over 25 pizza vendors on board, Natale and Scalzi needed to prepare for the masses of pizza enthusiasts. They wanted a staffing solution that kept their recruiting efforts in-house but didn’t require a hunt to find local candidates.


The festival was the first of its kind and Bostonians had high expectations for the pizza extravaganza. The pressure was on, and Natale and Scalzi needed a staffing hero to eliminate the possibility of operation woes.

Life Before Jobble

Prior to using Jobble, the Pizza Fest co-founders resorted to craigslist or temporary staffing agencies to locate quality talent. Yet they always seemed to be displeased with the recruited staff that they received. While talking with Natale and Scalzi it was clear that in their pre-Jobble days they would’ve been scrambling to secure locate talent.

“Jobble eliminated the whole process of finding qualified people because your applicants were already qualified.” –Giancarlo Natale, Co-founder of Boston Pizza Fest


This was their first time using Jobble and while some coordinators might turn to agencies in the height of their event prep they placed their trust in us. The individualization of the hiring process is what made our partnership successful.

Through collaborative and content-based filtering our clients were able to scroll through a list of Jobblers with profiles that matched their workforce needs and instantly connect. From posting unique job descriptions to paying out their staff, our clients had complete transparency over the entire operation.

“The technology that Jobble offers is superior to any other staffing agency.”

As always, we’re very appreciative of our partners taking time out of their day to provide us with valuable feedback. Stories like these are what keep us going, and help us to continually refine and improve our product. Huge thanks to Giancarlo Natale and Raffaele Scalzi for hopping on the phone with us!

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