Jobble Messenger Best Practices (For Business)

BY Julia Ryder

16 Dec, 2016

Jobble Messenger Best Practices (For Business)

BY Julia Ryder

Before we introduced Jobble Messenger, hiring managers emailed their Jobblers when they needed to get in touch with them. This tactic worked, but it didn’t give businesses the opportunity to fluently communicate with their applicants. Although we introduced this feature a few months ago, we wanted to create some tips to help stay in tune with your Jobblers.

Make sure your app is ready to go

If you already have the app, make sure it’s the latest version (Android|iOS). If you have an older version of our app, you’ll have a lot of the current functionality. But those versions don’t include Jobble Messenger or have the capability to send photos! Don’t forget to enable push notifications, they might just save your event. Find out in real-time when your Jobblers can’t make it to the job.

Introduce yourself to applicants

Messenger gives you a chance to be more conversational. Get to know your staff and applicants before you actually meet them. Let them know a little more about you and your business that maybe you didn’t mention in your official job posting.
Need to vet an applicant? Send them an individual chat and ask them some more questions to make the hiring process easier. If you’ve already selected a group of workers for a position, send them a group chat. Group chats are a great way to introduce your Jobblers to each other and encourage shift coordination (i.e. carpooling).

Confirm your shifts (you can never over do it!)

Although you’ve accepted the shift, it doesn’t hurt to check again. As soon as you pick a candidate for your position, reach out to them and confirm their availability. Reiterate the hours and location just to make sure that they properly understand the logistics of the position.
Example: “Does 9am-3pm at Oak Crest Hills, NH still work for you?”
As the shift approaches, we recommend that you reconnect again to confirm their attendance and communicate any day-of details. You can touch base at any time, but we’ve found the most effective approach is 24 hours and 15 minutes before each shift.

Keep the hiring process simple

While there’s nothing wrong with emailing your workers, no one is a fan of a cluttered inbox. If you’re looking for a more organized alternative, follow these best practices and you’ll be on your way to more streamlined communication with your Jobblers.

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