Jobbler of the Month, August – Allison Verdi

By Julia Ryder
August 23, 2016


Meet Allison Verdi

Allison joined the Jobble community in March of 2016. Since March, Allison has worked with various organizations and businesses to help deliver spectacular promotional events. Allison joined Jobble after needing a change from her serious corporate role in D.C. and admired how Jobble allowed her to branch out and pursue the marketing world.

Allison is extremely adaptable and loves overcoming challenges. Originally she started working Jobbles in Washington D.C. and then moved to Chicago, however she utilized the Jobble platform to find work in both locations.

Allison specializes in a rainbow of talents. Allison specializes in Autism Awareness and works with non-profits to perform clinical research studies. Amongst all of her Jobbles thus far, Allison enjoyed using her mixology skills on a party bus for a My Drink On event.

Allison was a superstar from the start. She immediately stood out. Her enthusiasm, motivation, and efficiency makes Allison one of the best! If you are looking for a Jobbler in the Chicago area that can incorporate socializing, networking and philanthropy into a single experience, Allison is the perfect match.

Fun Facts About Allison:

Favorite Pastime. Traveling!
Dream Job. Being paid to travel around the world.

Thank you for being an incredible Jobbler Allison. Keep up the hard work!


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