Jobbler of the Month, January – Ally Roenfeldt

By Julia Ryder
January 24, 2017

Meet Ally Roenfeldt from Las Vegas!

Ally discovered Jobble when she was in search of some extra income after she moved from Vegas to Boston. Shortly after moving, she found our app and her Jobbler journey began in August, 2016. Ally enjoys Jobble because it offers her the flexibility and stability that she needs while pursuing her dreams as an actress and model.

Ally enjoys new environments that spice up her daily routine and Jobble has allowed her to try on many different career hats. From working retail at Kanye West’s pop-up shop to managing her own group of Jobblers at HubSpot’s INBOUND 2016, Ally has proven that she’s a true renaissance woman. Aside from the retail world, Ally specializes in hospitality, food and beverage, and even spent time as a barista for a local coffee shop. Word around town is she can make a mean latte.

When she isn’t using Jobble, Ally can be found acting or performing jazz. With a strong desire to become the next Anna Kendrick of her generation, Ally plans to attend Carnegie Mellon or NYU for musical theatre. She also does her fair share of vintage-inspired modeling! When we asked her about her New Year’s resolution she responded, “I’m going to learn to sew my own vintage reproduction clothes!”

She’s experienced in many different areas of customer service and takes a lot of pride in having a good work ethic attached to her name.

“The expectations of my hiring managers are my motivation.”

Ally went on to say that she’s always motivated to learn from her hiring managers and goes beyond what’s expected. Though she specializes in a wide range of positions, she’s most fond of brand ambassador gigs. Being an ambassador allows her to network with many like-minded individuals while learning about fascinating companies.

Her dream job? Hire Ally and find out!


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