Jobbler of the Month, April – Aumer Poliard

By Christina Bonanno
April 26, 2017

Aumer Poliard of Fort Lauderdale, Florida completed his first Jobble as Event Staff during Color Fun Fest in Tampa, FL where he now currently resides. Since his first Jobble, Aumer has been a very active and dedicated member of our community, partaking in events such as Rugged Maniac in Dade City, FL and already on board for The Spartan Race in Hialeah, FL! Aumer is a loving father and any moments he has free he loves spending with his daughter.

“Jobble has given me opportunities to connect with business professionals. You never know who you’ll meet while working, I have had the opportunity to meet with owners of a couple companies and it makes me feel good that I can give them an example of the hard work I can provide, with a smile on my face.”

Aumer loves being a part of the Jobble community because he can put a smile on someone’s face. It’s his mission to turn a bad day into a great one for anyone around him and to be a positive influence to his community. While using Jobble, Aumer has been able to connect with a bigger network of people, learn new skills, and gain the tools to start his own company someday. He’s currently attending Hillsborough Community College to pursue a degree in business management.

“Aumer is extremely reliable and responsive, I could count on him and his leadership skills to help new Jobblers get acclimated” – Andrew Phong, Community Growth Manager at Jobble

Aumer’s greatest gift to this world has been his daughter, Armani. He’s so proud of her and strives to be a wonderful role model. When he’s not working or attending school, you’ll find him with her. He loves to cook with her, teach her things and enjoys helping her grow into a wonderful young woman.

From all of us here at Jobble, we wanted to thank you for all your hard work, dedication and passionate attitude as a model member of the Jobble community. We wish you success and good fortune in everything you accomplish. Congratulations, you deserve it!


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