Key Takeaways from Expo West 2017

BY Julia Ryder

16 Mar, 2017

Key Takeaways from Expo West 2017

BY Julia Ryder

More than 80,000 people attended the 2017 Natural Products Expo at Anaheim Convention Center, which means our team had the opportunity to chat with hundreds passionate people about the future of supplements and natural products. We came out of it with a great understanding of how field marketing and brand ambassador teams impact their business. Here are a few of the major takeaways worth sharing from the expo:

What We Learned

  • Field marketing is hot! Regardless of size, brands overwhelmingly value field marketing. The majority have teams of part-time brand ambassadors who execute weekly in-store sampling programs.
  • Brand Ambassadors are key. It’s important to attract brand ambassadors who share the same passion about your products as you do.
  • Resumes aren’t helpful. Exhibitors agreed that conventional resumes aren’t the best way to find qualified help, which is why the attendees that we talked to admired our customized profiles so much!
  • It’s nice to have an extra set of hands. Hire someone to hand out samples so that you can focus on conversations that help grow your business. A majority of exhibitors hired locally sourced talent to assist them with product sampling. This approach allowed brand owners to focus on engaging conversations with attendees.
  • Exhibitors that utilize third party promotional agencies for in-store demos are often frustrated with the talent that’s representing their brand.

What You Should Know

  • Limit your caffeine sampling. If you try all the matcha, cold brew and natural energy samples you will not fall asleep until 2am :-).
  • Prepare for the sun. If you ride with the top down long enough in Anaheim you will get a sunburn. Learn from our mistakes and apply sunscreen!
  • Life is all about balance, although you’re attending a Natural Food Expo, it’s perfectly fine to reward yourself with In-N-Out Burger after a long day’s work.
  • Practice your elevator pitch! With over 80,000 attendees you need to be sincere, conversational and natural, while still being organized, prepared and rehearsed.  
  • If attending Expo East is like attending a high school football game, Expo West can be compared to attending the Super Bowl. It felt like 5x the size, 10x the energy, and 20x the fun!
  • Remember to stay hydrated. It’s easy to get distracted during the Expo, but make sure you make your health a priority. Don’t worry if you forget to pack water and snacks, most booths offer samples.
  • Maximize your time at the expo by getting there early when the lines are the shortest and when everyone’s energy levels are high.

What We Loved

  • Jane’s Dough is by far the best gluten free pizza out there!
  • SmashMallow is the best marshmallow we’ve ever tried.
  • Cee Lo Green is just as lively in-person as he is on television, especially when he’s promoting +RedLixir energy products.
  • The outdoor music arena was a great place to unwind and listen to some tunes.
  • Cisse Cocoa’s brownies were delicious and delightfully crunchy.
  • After constantly being on your feet all day Spoonk’s Acupuncture Mat was “love at first spike.”
  • We were obsessed with the My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream balls and disappointed that they aren’t available on the East Coast yet!

With 1.6 million square feet and three floors to cover our team never came across one dull moment at the Anaheim Convention Center. See for yourself and check out our photos of Jobble’s first trip to Expo West 2017!

Posted by Jobble on Thursday, March 16, 2017


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