Jobble New Features Release

BY Chris Kiertz

11 Feb, 2016

Jobble New Features Release

BY Chris Kiertz

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Jobble’s newest features provide efficient on-demand workforce solutions for marketing and event managers.

We have a few exciting new features to share with you! We listened to your needs and tasked our development with implementing functions in the Jobble management platform to make recruiting and managing your on-demand workforce a little easier. Without further ado, Jobble is pleased to announce our three new features.

  1. Teams
    There’s a reason we put the Teams feature first on this list because it’s our favorite and soon to be yours too.Teams is a powerful feature that allows you to create your own virtual private on-demand workforce network, eliminating the need post nitty gritty event details. Instead, Teams is a time-saving feature as you simply need to post the name, date, and time of the event within your private team network, cutting the review and communication time down significantly. Teams also make your event post confidential; only your private network will know about your event. If that wasn’t enough, Teams gives you the ability to categorize your private team by any methodology you choose, be it by skill set, location, special talent, you name it.

    Have your own staff database you’re managing by spreadsheets? First, we’re sorry – that doesn’t sound like fun. Second, Teams is the perfect solution for you to streamline workforce management! You can upload your database into Teams, where you get all the functional benefits of Jobble staff management, including scheduling, group communication, and documentation workflow.

  2. Live
    This feature is our version of a GPS tracking map, giving you on-demand workforce insights like never before. With Live, you can see when and where your Jobbler(s) check-in and check-out of the event, allowing you to verify the hours they work, and their location.

  3. Event Cloning
    Event cloning is a real time saver! This feature allows the person who is scheduling multiple, carbon copy events to do so with just one click. You can edit specific details, like locations or times. Perhaps you need to change the number of Jobblers needed or the hourly rate. Clones is a fast way to schedule multiple events.

Want to take a tour of these new features? We’d love to show you around. Schedule your 15-minute demo today.[/fusion_text][/one_full]

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