New Product Release: Introducing Images on Jobble Messenger

BY Julia Ryder

30 Nov, 2016

New Product Release: Introducing Images on Jobble Messenger

BY Julia Ryder

Great news! Due to popular demand from both our Jobblers and our customers, we’ve integrated photos into Jobble Messenger. Whether you prefer chatting on the go or at the comfort of your office, you can send photos from a mobile device or a computer.

Interact with your Jobblers

If you hire brand ambassadors to demo your products you may have emailed them to take photos of themselves sampling. But emailing can be a pain because you have to track down the email addresses of everyone who’s working the event. With Jobble, you can quickly and easily message the exact group of people who are working specific events. Instead of emailing demo pictures, have your brand ambassadors take photos of their tables before, during and after the event.
Managing remote workers, in this case brand ambassadors, is tough because you’re not always available for quality control. For instance, think about how many questions you receive about specific dress requirements. Now you can eliminate all of the hassle and send a quick snap of what you expect your staff to wear.
“Take a left at the lights, once you see the Arby’s we’re on the left.”
Instructions like these take time out of your day, especially when you have to give the same ones to multiple people. Instead of wasting valuable time, send directional photos in a group chat. You can pinpoint the location to Jobblers with maps and prominent landmarks to ensure your directions are foolproof.
Another plus, Jobblers can now take a screenshot of their resumes and send them your way. This means it’s even easier for you to find the most qualified candidates for the job.

Flash Forward

The dial-up days were fun. Who doesn’t miss the alien noises and sluggish speed?  While creating this new feature, we wanted to make sure we didn’t bring people back to the days of dial-up modems when trying to upload a picture. In fact you can send and receive high-resolution photos in lightning speed (about 2 seconds).

Prevent an “Oh Snap!” moment

Ever snap a picture and accidentally send it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just in case you’re walking through the streets and snap a picture of the pavement, we check for permissions and if needed, we prompt the user appropriately.

A New Way to Communicate

We named a few, but there are many reasons why photo sharing makes the management process easier, and we’re sure that you already have some in mind. So we won’t keep you waiting, go ahead and experience a whole new way of communication.

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