New Product Release: Facelift, simplicity, mobile accessibility

BY Julia Ryder

26 Sep, 2016

New Product Release: Facelift, simplicity, mobile accessibility

BY Julia Ryder

The time has come to welcome a new customer website that offers a sleeker, more simplistic design with mobile accessibility. Let’s just say we gave our old web application a facelift. This means that Jobble is officially out of beta! Woo hoo! We also created mobile messaging for our customers. We’re sure you’re as excited as we are, and you’re probably dying to hear the details, so let’s get right to it!

Web App (for businesses)


Mobile Responsiveness

Prior to the update, our application wasn’t exactly mobile friendly. After a UI (user interface) upgrade and adding new easier-to-read colors and buttons, our web app is looking better than ever.  Now you can manage your workforce on your tablet or mobile device without compromising quality. Take a look for yourself at!

Job Post Cloning

Prior to this update, you had to start every new job post from scratch. But now you have the ability to clone any of your current or past events. These  jobs now come pre-populated to save you the trouble of unnecessary clicks and retyping lengthy descriptions. Cloning is perfect for companies that intend to post similar job positions, whether they’re days apart or a few months down the road

Print-Friendly Roster

Experience our Print-Friendly Roster option. For each and every Jobble you post, a roster is generated with the name, email and phone number of each Jobbler you’ve hired. If you like the idea of manually checking off who showed up and contacting the Jobblers that didn’t, this list is perfect for you!


Messaging for Businesses

When we first had the idea to create Jobble Messenger, we wanted to improve the hiring process by making it even easier for our customers. Messaging has given hiring managers the opportunity to easily qualify pending candidates and communicate pertinent details to workers in real time.

Since releasing Jobble Messenger, the communication between our Jobblers and their hiring managers has dramatically improved. In fact, we’ve already processed over one million messages through our platform! After an overwhelming amount of feedback, the number one request was to make Jobble Messenger mobile. With a few tweaks to the existing Jobble app, companies can now access their conversations and communicate to Jobblers through our mobile app (Android, iPhone).


No need to be near a computer to message Jobblers. Experience enhanced functionality with minimal effort and chat from any device from anywhere.

Get Started!

We know you must be excited, but before you get started there are some things you should know!

  • Pre-registered companies – Download the mobile app (Android, iPhone, use your existing username and password, and start messaging immediately.
  • New companies – First, register on our website, and then use those credentials to log in into the new app once it’s downloaded (Android, iPhone).

The main mission behind our new product release was to increase engagement rates in a highly personalized environment. Both our web and mobile app offer new simplistic designs to make the job hiring process easier. Whether you’re in the office or getting a cup of joe, connect with Jobblers when it’s most convenient for you.

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