No Shows: The Importance of Building Your Jobbler Reputation and the Consequences of No-showing

BY Michael Kutch

14 Jun, 2017

No Shows: The Importance of Building Your Jobbler Reputation and the Consequences of No-showing

BY Michael Kutch

When businesses hire people like you on Jobble, they’re looking for someone reliable that they can count on to show up for whatever gig, event, or job they’re hiring for. The process of getting hired on Jobble is simple, but it’s incredibly important that you understand it.

Applying for a Job

Once you apply to a job, you’re making a commitment to work if you’re hired. Here are a few things you should ask yourself before you apply:

  • “If I’m hired, can I definitely work these hours?”
  • “If I’m hired, is this a job that I could see myself doing?”
  • “If I’m hired, am I willing to be professional, show up on time, and give 110%?”

If, and only if, you can answer yes to all these questions, you’re ready to apply.

Getting Hired

When you’re hired, it means a business really liked your profile and they now expect you to show up for the shift. At this point, your employer is counting on you to show up. If you don’t, it can really throw a wrench in the works. After you’re hired, you’ll be notified through multiple channels to confirm:

  • Email – you’ll receive an email with the subject line: “You’re Hired! Your Application Has Been Accepted”
  • Text message – you’ll receive a text message confirming that you’ve been hired
  • Push notification – you’ll receive a push notification on your phone confirming you’ve been hired

*It’s important to have push notifications enabled on the Jobble mobile app so you receive this notification*

The Consequences of a No-show

How It Affects the Employer

When you don’t show up, you’re putting the business in an incredibly difficult situation. They were relying on you to help them and had you down for a specific role, and now they have to scramble to figure out how to compensate for your absence. You’ve just forced more work onto your co-workers and potentially ruined their customer’s experience!

How It Affects You

If you decide not to show up, and did not inform the manager, this counts as a no-show on the Jobble platform. Your profile will reflect this no-show, and you’ll receive an automatic 1-star review for the job. This will greatly impact your credibility and chances of getting hired in the future because businesses look at experience and ratings when they’re hiring. If you no-show twice, you will be removed from our app and will no longer be able to apply for jobs through our platform.

Gaining Experience with Jobble

Showing up is awesome for you because you’ll gain quality experience (in multiple fields) that you might not otherwise get trying to apply for long-term jobs. If you show up on time and work hard, you’ll earn good reviews. The more reviews, experience and good ratings you get, the better chance you have at landing more jobs on our platform. And if businesses really like you, they can add you to their team, so they can privately post jobs to you and hire you exclusively!

Committing to Jobble

So, before you even consider applying for a job, make sure you can 100% commit to the shift. The company is relying on you and it can be detrimental if you don’t show up. No-shows are bad for everyone involved. However, when you show up and give it your all (as you should every time you work!!), you’ll absolutely love your experience using Jobble. This will lead to great reviews, getting hired more often and, of course, more money!
If you follow these simple steps you’ll be working at your convenience, and who knows, if you work hard enough you may be selected as Jobbler of the Month!

Post Recap:

  • Businesses rely on the people they hire to show up
  • When you apply you’re making a commitment to work
  • When you don’t show up, it has negative consequences for you and the business
  • Time to stop reading and start applying!

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