September App Updates

BY Julia Ryder

11 Sep, 2017

September App Updates

BY Julia Ryder

Between family cookouts and glorious beach days, it’s easy to get swirled up in the dog days of summer. As we head into fall, we wanted to let you know that Pumpkin Spice is back at Starbucks and that our app got a bit spicier too. Straight fuego!!!
Whether it’s a college student looking to earn extra cash to buy books or a part-time bartender seeking out financial freedoms, our mission at Jobble is to connect our users with job opportunities. We want to make sure that the job hunt is as stress-free as possible. With this in mind, we went back to the drawing board and made some adjustments to our platform.

Improved Time Card

No matter what they’ll claim it’s nearly impossible to find a carrier that provides perfect service. We’ve all been in a situation where our social feeds sluggishly load, better yet – successfully send a text. But when it comes to checking-in and out of your shift, we wanted to ensure, no matter the circumstance, that you’ll be able to accurately confirm your attendance.

With this new update, if your signal ever fails, you can add a note to your shift, explain when you arrived and when you left, or any other pertinent shift details. For an extra added layer of reassurance, you’ll be able to view your tagged locations during the shift and confirm where you were when you checked-in and out via Maps.

Added “What You Should Know” 

If you’re new here, first, welcome. If you’re a seasoned veteran, welcome back! Whether it’s your first or tenth time using Jobble you may come across an instance where you need an immediate answer to a question.  If that’s ever the case, navigate to the “What You Should Know” section in your accepted application for important information about your shift and other operational tips.

Improved Photo Capabilities 

Heads up! Profile image quality has been improved. So maybe it’s time to update those profile images! And for those of you who’ve experienced camera issues, now there’s an added ability to rotate your profile images in the Profile Gallery. Take a peek!


Update and Explore! 

If you’re excited as we are about this update, I’m sure you’ve already downloaded the latest version of Jobble. But just in case – double-check to make sure you’re running Version 2.6.3. Besides creating all of these new features, we made other minor adjustments and bug fixes to make for a much more streamlined process. Let us know what you think! 
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