The 2017 Staffing Agency Hiring Guide [Free eBook]

By Julia Ryder
June 9, 2017

Ask a recruiter about what they do, and you’d probably be overwhelmed with the tasks and projects they juggle on a daily basis. Recruiting is no easy task. For one thing, recruiters have a lot of expectations to uphold. Research has shown that recruiting ranks number one as the greatest bottom-line business impact on revenue and profit over any other talent management function.

In an industry that’s evolving at a record pace, staffing agencies are scrambling to compete with each other while keeping a budget in mind. At the end of the day, recruiters are judged by the number of positions they fill and it just so happens that the crème de la crème come with a hefty price tag.


Data and Technology-Driven Recruiting

In 2017, we’ve seen quite a few changes in recruiting. But one of the biggest is that changes are less predictable. At the drop of a hat, recruiters are given staffing requirements without adequate time or preparation and place extreme pressure on how companies hire. In order to keep up with a fast and flexible environment, recruiters will need to incorporate more data and technology into their recruiting decisions.

Data is powerful when it’s paired with technology, where data encourages staggering growth, technology enhances connections. Download our 2017 Staffing Agency Hiring Guide and learn about how the two are making recruiters’ jobs easier every day.


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