What Superhero (Hiring Manager) Are You?

BY Julia Ryder

16 Mar, 2018

What Superhero (Hiring Manager) Are You?

BY Julia Ryder

It’s 2 pm on a Wednesday and your thoughts start to drift somewhere else. As you’re daydreaming at your desk you begin to fantasize what it would be like to unleash your inner superhero. “How much easier would it be if I had telepathic powers?” “If I read the minds of great candidates and could better advertise my job postings…” All of a sudden your google calendar alerts and you’re reminded that unfortunately, life isn’t an epic Marvel film like Black Panther. 
But you shouldn’t let a situation like this discourage you, because secretly, there’s a superhero in all of us. Whether you’re more of a Superman than a Storm,  your abilities are what make you extraordinary.  As a person that’s in charge of recruitment, I’m sure you’ve always wondered what kind of superhero you emulate as a manager. Hopefully, you’ll unearth a like-minded superhero that will give you the confidence you need to go out and conquer the world. Here’s your opportunity to find out!
Find out which of these superheroes best fit your personality:


You always deliver on the promise. As a reliable manager, you deliver results on time, on-budget, as promised. Just like Supergirl, you’re very results driven. With great strength, speed, and superhuman hearing there is no hurdle you can’t jump (or fly) over.


Bitten by success, you feel like a lot of your abilities are due to luck. You understand that it’s important to try to do great things (and sometimes fail) then do absolutely nothing.  With great power comes great responsibility. As a strong leader, you use your speed and strength to help your team make decisions without delay.

Black Panther

Just like the Wakanda Warrior, your senses are enhanced to superhuman levels by indulging in a sip of your favorite beverage, instead of Vibranium tea, you opt for a stronger brew, like a Venti Red-Eye from Starbucks. When it comes to scaling up on a short notice you’re a brilliant tactician and strategist, on all forms. As a master planner who is always thinking several steps ahead and you go to extreme measure to achieve your goals and protect your company.

Wonder Woman

Your highly competitive and outgoing nature makes you a natural born warrior. You try to avoid conflict, but if you’re pressed you’ll engage and successfully resolve the situation with ease. You’re fearless and focused on your objectives and always hold yourself accountable.


As the Norse God of thunder and lightning, you’re incredibly strong, smart and empathetic when managing your staff. As a self-assured leader, you never stop believing in a worthwhile cause.


No matter the size of the task you’re always committed to getting the job done. One of your greatest qualities is the self-belief. Your unshakeable confidence is what makes you a natural born leader. When your employees come to you with a problem you understand the importance of showing genuine concern, support, and compassion, regardless of who they are.


You may not be operating the entire city of Gotham, but you sure do an amazing job keeping things under control. With your genius intellect and indomitable will, you’re always five steps ahead of your team. 


Just like Clark Kent, you’re able to find a healthy balance between work and life outside of work. Your telescopic vision allows you to spot problems far beyond the range of normal hiring managers. No matter the situation you remain calm and inspire calm in others. When an issue arises you know exactly what needs to be done. 

Whether or not this superhero personality quest has actually unleashed your inner superhero, you should always use your power for the greater good of your company. But remember… “with great power comes great responsibility”.
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