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First Day at Work

28 Oct 2020

How to Prepare for a First Day at Work: A Guide for Gig Workers and Managers

There are plenty of resources available to show managers and new employees how to best navigate a first day at work. But many of these don’t address the types of first days that occur in the gig economy. When...

Screening job applicants

21 Oct 2020

What should I ask job applicants? The Top 5 Screening Questions by Job Type

Social distancing during the pandemic has pushed a lot of companies to hire and recruit through digital means. Whether you are ...

14 Oct 2020

Benefits for Gig Workers: Q&A on Jobble Perks

In 2020, there was a severe increase in the number of Americans that turned to the gig economy for supplemental income. They join millions of gig workers who are constantly searching for ...

business woman trying to hire workers

07 Oct 2020

5 things you can do to get more job applicants

Millions of Americans have felt pandemic layoffs and business closures impact their careers in 2020. Many have turned to the gig economy to stay afloat. A ...

optimistic young worker

24 Sep 2020

How the Gig Economy Supports New Workers (& Americans Starting Over)

Whether you entered the workforce shortly before the COVID pandemic or are looking to re-enter as a result of the disruption, one thing is certain: the gig economy can be a viable short or long term option for ...

04 Jun 2020

Capture Your Personality in a Photo – Tips & Tricks for a Great Profile Picture

Your favorite photo of yourself might be a great profile picture…

14 Apr 2020

How to Address Employment Gaps with Hiring Companies

A few generations ago, it was common to see…