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11 Places to Host Your Next Event in Chicago

Chicago is big, ever changing, and boasts more than 250 theaters and 225 music venues. Choosing a venue is never easy, but in the Windy City, the breeze has stirred up some amazing spaces. Whether you’re planning your company’s next

18 Places to Host Your Next Event in NYC

In the ‘city that never sleeps’ there’s an endless supply of venues for your next event, but trying to figure out where you’re going to host it can be quite daunting. From eclectic to classic, rustic to modern, NYC has

35 Essential Job Roles for a Successful Event [Free PDF]

Staffing an event is like laying down the foundation for a 10-story building, without allocating essential personnel your entire operation can be at stake. Your event and location correlate to the structure of your building and its foundation. The size

How to Prevent No-Shows

If you own a business or you're in charge of hiring, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of employee no-shows. No one in the industry likes no-shows, yet they affect all types of events, big or small. The next time

How to Use Snapchat in Event Marketing

Snapchat may not be the first on your list when you think about social media for event marketing. But this little ghost man (aka Ghostface Chillah) isn't a force to be reckoned with. Yes, Snapchat is notorious for 10-second selfies,

6 Insider Tips for Managing a Successful Run/Walk Event

It’s no secret that charity runs, 5k’s and obstacle course races (OCR's) are at an all-time high. In fact, USA Today estimated that in 2015, there was a total of 4.5 million participants in OCR's alone! That’s why it’s more

4 Ways To Improve Your Training Technique

Organizing an efficient training session doesn’t need to be difficult. Whether you are planning an event that requires staffing or you are hiring Jobblers to fulfill part-time immediate needs, use these tips to accomplish your goals in an engaging and pleasurable

Jobble New Features Release

Jobble's newest features provide efficient on-demand workforce solutions for marketing and event managers. We have a few exciting new features to share with you! We listened to your needs and tasked our development with implementing functions in the Jobble

4 Keys to Event Follow-up

As an event manager, your events are where people can see all your talents on display. However, it’s those crucial moments in between events where the hard work really takes place. The strength of your clientele and your ability to

How to Manage a Brand Ambassador Team

So you’ve finally assembled a team of brand ambassadors who will represent your corporate identity in public and actively get customers engaged with your product or service. The rest takes care of itself, right? That would be nice, but a