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02 Sep 2020

How to Create a Competitive Job Post

Finding the right candidates can be a daunting task. Before you invest your time in all of the details you want to share with potential job candidates, we have some points for you to consider to create the best...

18 Aug 2020

How the Gig Economy Supports Generation X and Baby Boomers

Although flexible work is often associated with younger generations, recent studies show that gig work is not restricted to people early in their worki...

11 Aug 2020

Jobble: Dedicated to Empowering the Gig Economy

With millions of Americans ...

15 Jul 2020

Why Over-hiring for Gigs is Your Key to Success

Starting to engage with the gig economy can be intimidating. You’ll have to consider hiring workers you have no history with. Your decisions will be...

26 Jul 2018

What to do if your company doesn’t have an enlightened approach to work

... as much as possible, Pink told Quartz at Work deputy editor Sarah Kessler this week during a conversation in Washington DC on the gig…

25 Jul 2018

The Futurist: How will technology alter the future of HR

Astrid Rainey, head of human resources, Asia Pacific, Clyde & Co on how HR professionals can partner with the busine…

25 Jul 2018

Postmates expands its delivery services to Baton Rouge

The Silicon Valley tech platform recently announced the expansion of its coverage to nearly one in two U.S. households. The mobile app ser…