Using Technology To Speed Up The Hiring Process

BY Julia Ryder

28 Sep, 2016

Using Technology To Speed Up The Hiring Process

BY Julia Ryder

When it comes to employment, employers frequently say that it’s impossible to find the right candidates, while job seekers claim that it’s impossible to find the right position. No matter which side of the coin, things can get difficult. Often employers use agencies to ease the process. However, they can come with a hefty price tag and lengthy lead times.
But don’t let that get you down! Times are changing, and agencies are becoming a way of the past. Just like technology changed transportation (Uber, Lyft) and hospitality (Airbnb), the way we recruit on-demand workers is also evolving. Platforms like Jobble exist to give employers peace of mind.
Before deciding whether a traditional staffing agency or an on-demand platform like Jobble is right for your business, here’s a little industry refresher.

What staffing agencies offer

Sure, agencies do all of the work for you. But at what cost? Typically, they’ll take on jobs with longer lead times and prefer weeks or even months in advance to recruit talent. Not to mention that these agencies often demand increased costs and usually place a stiff markup on your hourly wage. You’ve got to determine how much you’re willing to give up in order to get your staff. For instance, you lose total control over the hiring process and won’t know much about your new hires until they show up for work.

What Jobble offers

Our platform is similar to staffing agencies in that we bridge a gap between the employer and job seeker. However, Jobble doesn’t rely on recruiters to make the connection. Instead, we rely on our software to connect companies with an on-demand workforce. Without compromising margins, companies have complete control over their hiring process in an extremely efficient way. More importantly, our platform can connect you with thousands of Jobblers nationwide and rehire/manage the ones you love. With our ”Team” feature, companies can create a list of Jobblers to fill recurring job positions across the country.

What we’re capable of doing

If you’re planning on posting a job on our platform, our sweet spot is 2-3 days notice. But we try to accommodate our customers’ needs the best we can. The type of jobs that work best under a tight time frame (less than 24 hours) are positions that require a small amount of Jobblers (1-5). So, if you’re looking to fill some spots on your team, our platform is handy in a pinch.

Get started

To be as efficient as possible, we made our platform extremely simple (step-by-step slideshow below). Companies can create an account here and start posting immediately. After posting a job with an enticing description, companies are immediately paired with a pool of applicants with detailed profiles (we call these people Jobblers). We even took it one step farther and attached ratings and reviews to every one of our Jobblers.
When time isn’t on your side, our technology is. With minimal effort and time, companies can hire a vetted staff with just a few taps on their device. You can hire when you want and scale back when you don’t. It really is that simple.



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