How to Use Snapchat in Event Marketing

BY Julia Ryder

17 Oct, 2016

How to Use Snapchat in Event Marketing

BY Julia Ryder

Snapchat may not be the first on your list when you think about social media for event marketing. But this little ghost man (aka Ghostface Chillah) isn’t a force to be reckoned with. Yes, Snapchat is notorious for 10-second selfies, but its temporary lifespan can also have a significant impact. In fact, you have the opportunity to reach the 100 million users who access Snapchat daily. Not to mention that it’s now the third most popular social network among millennials.So if you’re still on the fence, check out some of the reasons why Snapchat has become one of the hottest social media platforms of 2016.

What Makes Snapchat Different?

Before diving into all the reasons why Snapchat is trumping all the others when it comes to real-time event marketing, let’s take a deeper look at their demographic makeup.
Snapchat is widely popular with young social media users. Yes, there are lot of millennials on the app (7 out of 10 users are millennials). But more importantly, over 60% of the U.S. smartphone users are between the ages of 13 and 34. As it becomes more integrated into mainstream culture, the app’s demographics are beginning to skew to an older crowd as over 50% of Snapchat’s new users are over 25.
Now that you have an idea of the types of people who are tapping into the app, we can focus on why 50% of Snapchat’s users are on the platform daily. Mostly, they’re on it to share their live experiences virtually. But why are Snapchat’s Live Stories the most powerful new form of social media? Well for starters, Live Stories draw 10 to 20 million eyeballs every day. If you were to compare Live Stories to live Twitter feed, Snapchat’s platform is more compelling because it’s more interactive and gives a first-person glimpse into another life, almost like watching your favorite reality TV show!
Unlike other social media networks, where posts are public, Snaps are delivered and created specifically to a recipient or an entire group of people. You could say that Snapchat helps marketers create connections that are more personal. The fact that Snaps can’t be forwarded or shared to other users makes the recipient feel important.  

Why Snapchat is Perfect for Events

According to Eventbrite, Snapchat is the most popular social network at music festivals and other large scale events. Why you might ask? Well, it’s simple, Snapchat was created with events in mind. In 2014, Snapchat debuted “Our Story” at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas specifically to connect individuals at the event. Proving to be quite successful, Our Story has continued to connect many individuals at other events.
Beyond growing stronger inter-user connections, Snapchat has the capability to increase a company’s ticket sales from people sitting at home with major FOMO (fear of missing out).

Marketing Before the Event

Snapchat isn’t just for the day of your event. With a story you can create a series of videos and images that display the progress and preparation it took for you event to come to life. Let other teams working on the event take over the account. Giving a behind-the-scenes preview makes it even harder for people to not get excited about your event.

Marketing During the Event

Now this is the fun part! Once the big day has come and your event proves to be a success, target your followers and supporters who did not attend. Use your Snapchat Live Stories to zoom in on the craziest things that happened so you can get them excited for your next event.
But don’t only focus in on who’s not at your event, just because you already got the people at your event to show up doesn’t mean they aren’t useful for creating an impact on your branding successes. Your attendees are an important component to marketing your event using Live Stories. With location-specific overlays, attendees can use relevant geofilter templates while taking selfies and event pics. You can create your own geofilters or if you’re not a design wizard, you can edit one of Snapchat’s pre-built templates.
Looking to brand the bananas out of your geofilter? Fair warning… some branding is restricted (insert sad face here). If you’re feeling adventurous and want to design a filter for your event there are a few things to keep in mind. You can include your business name, but you can’t use URLs, phone numbers or emails. The good news is if you have the rights to your logo (which you likely do) and other branding tools, you can use them. For other specifics on the do’s and dont’s of Snapchat geofilters here are the official submission guidelines.

Don’t Get Snapchat FOMO

Sure, Snapchat is the third most popular social media platform, but it’s still relatively new to businesses. You won’t want to be the one with FOMO when every other business has established their Snapchat presence. So when you’re ready to become a Snap wizard, remember Snapchat is supposed to be fun. Don’t overkill it with intense branding strategies, try throwing in some obnoxious oversized emojis instead!

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