Welcome to Jobble Messenger!

By Julia Ryder
July 27, 2016

[fusion_text]Welcome to Jobble Messenger! Jobble Messenger is a new feature created to help facilitate a stronger connection between Jobbler’s and hiring managers. The power of in-app messaging allows hiring managers to communicate additional information about their job position to Jobblers.

We created messaging to improve the hiring process by giving managers the ability to easily qualify pending candidates and to communicate pertinent details in real time.


Scalability. Experience enhanced functionality with minimal effort. Communicate with the entire team or with one person using group chat and individual chat.

Speed. Enhance job efficiency by replacing cluttered email inboxes with instant messaging and push notifications.

Accessibility. Chat from any device! Messaging is accessible from any desktop, smartphone, and tablet.

Rethink communication and connect at the right time. Experience higher engagement rates in a highly personalized environment. Creating and executing job opportunities have never been easier. Get started with Jobble Messenger and begin a conversation almost as naturally as on the phone or face to face.

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