10 Steps to Become a Brand Ambassador

BY Zack Smith

25 Nov, 2014

10 Steps to Become a Brand Ambassador

BY Zack Smith

Are you one of the over 12 million people looking for a side gig to earn some extra cash? Then, you came to the right place. This post will be your simple guide to becoming a brand ambassador and help you start earning income from working brand events. Let’s start by defining a brand ambassador:

A Brand Ambassador represents a product or brand identity in appearance, demeanor, and values at a specific event. They focus on showcasing and educating people on the benefits of a their product or brand. To many, a brand ambassador is the face of a product of brand.

So what does a typical Brand Ambassador do? BA’s do all kinds of things – talk to people about the brand, give out brand swag, demo a product, take photos, interact on social media, and generally be part of a brands team at an event.
Ready to become a Brand Ambassador? Here is your guide:

1.  Download Jobble! – Jobble will be your one stop shop to find the best events to work in your area.

2.  Create a Profile – Start by uploading 1-3 pictures of yourself, something professional that shows off your personality and features – a few great photos will get you recognized by top brands.

3.  Add Past Experience – Emphasize a time you have worked an event or relevant/similar experience in the past.

4.  Apply to Events – You will need to build experience to bolster your profile, so to start apply for all the events you have time for! The more experience you have the more likely you are to get a gig, so get out there and start working some Jobbles and making extra cash.

5.  Be Prepared – Most likely there are some prior details such as meeting location, dress requirements, and things to bring. Make sure to read the directions carefully and come prepared.

6.  Arrive Early – On time is late, especially when you are being rated by your event manager. So show up 20 minutes early ready to jump right in.

7.  Wear the Right Clothes! – This is a big one, make sure to double check what the event requires you to wear. If you wear the wrong clothes you could be sent home, resulting a negative rating and no money in your pocket.

8.  You’re on the Clock – When working an event you are always representing the company or brand so make sure to ask before leaving your post, keep breaks short, and stay till you get the OK to leave from your event manager.

9.  Work Hard, Play Hard – Make sure you have a good time! Be outgoing with positive energy – you’ll have the opportunity to talk and meet a lot of interesting people so don’t be shy. The best part of working events is the people you will meet, the swag you get, and the stories you walk away with. Have fun representing the brand and make the event manager proud to have you on their team

10.  Rate and Recommend – Finally, once the event is complete you will have the opportunity to leave a rating and recommendation for the event which others can see. This helps keep the quality of the Jobble community strong and let’s others know what it’s like to work as a BA for that brand.

That’s it! Once you leave a rating and recommendation you will be paid within 24hrs. It’s that easy and simple. Are you ready to get started? Download Jobble now, create your profile and start apply for BA gigs today!

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