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Hosting an event? Need to promote your business? Book reliable events staff to wow your guests and ensure a great experience for all.

  • Access to 5+ Million Gig Workers
  • No Contracts, Minimums, or Upfront Fees
  • Transparent Hiring Platform
  • Streamlined Onboarding Experience
  • 90% of Shifts are Guaranteed Filled in 24 Hours or Less

Events staffing for every use case

See for yourself why thousands of businesses use Jobble to staff event workers across the United States.

  • Hire When You Want

    Hire and pay for temporary workers when you need them, on a per-job or on-going shift basis.

  • Boost ROI with Transparent Pricing

    No minimums, no contracts, and no conversion fees—all in one simple-to-use staffing platform.

  • Ditch Traditional Staffing Agencies

    Save up to 50% on traditional staffing agency fees. Only pay one platform fee.

Nationwide Staffing You Can Trust

Access high-quality job seekers on flexible terms with our reliable nationwide staffing solution for businesses.

Instant Savings for Your Business

Reduce your agency and hiring costs by 50% instantly without contracts, upfront fees, or minimum commitments.

Experience the Jobbler Difference

Jobblers offer flexible staffing with full-time quality performance, giving businesses the speed of temporary work with the potential for a full-time hire.

"Everything is taken care of, Jobble knows our business inside and out. By using Jobble to staff our events, we’re easily matched with Jobblers who want to be there and know what they have signed up for. Jobble’s staffing solution is flexible and a great match for us.."

Lauren B. (Cool Events)

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Frequently asked questions

Our Jobblers carry their reputations with them. When they express interest in your contract, you get to see their reputation, profile, and answers to custom questionnaires. They choose how much control or oversight they want, but we never block information or limit transparency.
Background checks are usually the only vetting methods businesses have. However, we have the benefit of looking at Jobbler’s work history with us, and we hold people accountable. Workers are screened through SSN, etc to make sure they are eligible to work in the United States.
With Jobble, there is no contract, or any hidden costs. You’re only responsible for paying people that show up and do the job as expected. Just post your job with the hourly wages you are going to pay and we add our one-time Jobble platform fee.
Our sweet spot is 48 hours. Depending on the location and the number of people you are looking for, businesses usually get applicants within two days of your posting.
Nobody has a perfect solution yet, but we look at things like activity and responsiveness to ensure reliable candidates. We also over-hire to account for average no-shows. Companies can cut the workers that they end up not needing.

Find your ideal event workers with interactive job interviews

Streamline your hiring process, assess candidate skills, and onboard qualified workers with our innovative staffing solution, powered by interactive job interviews.

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