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Pay-as-you-go pricing designed to fit your staffing needs.


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Pay-as-you-go pricing

Save 50% on agency and hiring costs with Jobble’s easy pay-as-you-go pricing, while benefiting from our transparent and affordable fee structure tied to worker pay.


Adjustable direct hire fee

If you hire a Jobbler directly within 6 months of their last day worked, Jobble will charge a $2,500 fee for up to 500 hours worked, and no fee for over 500 hours.

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Take advantage of our pilot program

Pilot us in one of your locations, with no minimum or long-term commitments.

Frequently asked questions

Jobblers’ reputations are shaped by their work history with our Jobble partners. Jobble allows our workforce to qualify themselves based on the work that they’ve done so that we can match the right worker with the right job every time.

Background checks are usually the only vetting methods businesses have. However, we have the benefit of looking at Jobbler’s work history with us, and we hold people accountable. Workers are screened through SSN, etc to make sure they are eligible to work in the United States.

With Jobble, there are no contracts, upfront fees or termination fees. Hiring managers are only responsible for paying workers that show up and do the job as expected. Simply list your job with the designated hourly rate, and we’ll include a one-time Jobble platform fee.

You can pay your workers, termed ‘Jobblers’, using a credit card or a linked bank account. We accept all major cards like Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover. A valid payment method will need to be in place before hiring, but you’ll be charged only after reviewing worker hours and processing payments. Payments need to be settled within 5 business days of the last shift in a calendar week. However, we recommend businesses opt to pay daily. For a deeper dive into optimal payment strategies, consult our hiring experts.

A higher pay rate helps to attract better candidates and positively impact retention. To ensure your pay rate is competitive, several factors come into play. Geographical location plays a crucial role, as pay rates can vary significantly from one region to another. The industry you’re in also has its own standard rates, which we benchmark against. When recommending a rate, we check the current pay rates within your specific zip code, giving us localized insights. Our platform leverages historical data, providing context of how pay rates have evolved in your area over time. We also consider a range of firmographic data points, to provide a comprehensive understanding of where your pay rate should be. By analyzing all these variables, we can determine a competitive rate that aligns with market trends and specific nuances of your locality and sector.

Our sweet spot is 72 hours. Depending on the location and the number of people you are looking for, businesses usually get applicants within two to three days of posting.

There’s no perfect solution, but we look at candidate attributes like activity and responsiveness to ensure they’re reliable. We also use our data to confirm the right number of Jobblers to ensure we get you the exact number of workers that you need. We typically confirm more than your requested amount to account for no shows or last minute cancellations. For a deeper understanding of our over-hiring approach, please check our help article.

The easiest way to provide feedback is by paying Jobblers in a timely manner and marking the Jobblers as a no show if they don’t show up. This allows our technology to make smarter decisions for your future shifts.

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Pay-as-you-go pricing designed to fit your staffing needs.