100 Questions to Ask in Your Next Job Posting [Free PDF]

BY Michael Kutch

06 Jun, 2017

100 Questions to Ask in Your Next Job Posting [Free PDF]

BY Michael Kutch

Hiring the right candidates is hard, but knowing what questions to ask can be even harder. Asking the right questions can help distinguish the best candidates for your postings, while asking the wrong questions (or none at all!) might lead you to hiring some lousy help. To make your job easier, we came up with a downloadable list of 100 helpful questions that you can ask in your next job posting. We even broke them down by category to make it easier!
Here’s a preview of some of the questions on the list – and why they’re important for getting the right people.


Sample Questions

Question #2: How do you plan on getting to the location/venue?

  • This question sounds casual, but it can reveal a lot about your potential candidate. It’s critical that you communicate with your staff about how they plan on getting to your venue. Based on their response you should have a good idea if they might have trouble arriving…and we know firsthand how important it is that your workers arrive on time!

Question #22: Why should we hire you?

  • This question is a go-to for interviewers because it sets boundaries. You’re providing an opportunity for them to be creative, stand out and sell themselves. You’ll hopefully learn how they can help you with certain skills or knowledge they have, not to mention it will make your job easier!

Question #40: Are you flexible to work extended hours?

  • Depending on the position that you’re hiring for, you may need around-the-clock help. Before you settle on a candidate, take the time to ask them if they’re eligible to work the hours that you need. It’s always reassuring to know that your staff can adapt to your scheduling needs, whether it’s showing up earlier or staying later.

Question #91: You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

  • Have some fun with your candidates! The hiring process doesn’t always have to be so ‘suit and tie’ serious. It’s always a bonus when one of your employees has a good sense of humor that will mesh well with your team.

Like what you see? Download the free PDF, and you’ll be on your way to finding some high-quality talent!
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