9 Ways a Side Hustle Will Improve Your College Experience

BY Christina Bonanno

15 Feb, 2017

9 Ways a Side Hustle Will Improve Your College Experience

BY Christina Bonanno

The journey through college is a big step in any young adult’s life. It’s the time to start figuring out what’s next. College comes with both a big financial and emotional responsibility. There’s a lot of pressure, from picking a major, to choosing a career path, to figuring out how to not completely reside in debt forever. This chapter can be a scary, but also a very exciting time.
How do you find out what field you like best? How do you get established within a workforce? Keeping a class schedule can be tough enough, then adding a work schedule on top of that can lead to an overwhelming experience. So we made the process a little easier with our top nine reasons why you can (and should) hold down a job while in school.

1. Networking Can Help You Get to the Next Level

Picking up some hours at a local event is an easy way to work on your own schedule. Conferences, food tastings, 5k races and various others are fantastic examples. This is a wonderful way to learn how to work with different personalities, discover your work ethic, develop new skills, and best of all, network with hiring managers!

Being visible to hiring decision makers and people who work for desirable companies is a smart way to put your name out there and to get your foot in the door. The more comfortable you are talking to new people, the more opportunities you’ll have. Maybe they have a suggestion about an idea you have, or you share a common interest in a specific field and they have access to someone who can help. Working these events could lead to an advancement in a hobby you never knew could turn into a career, or an idea you didn’t know how to execute.

2. Find and Connect with a Mentor

Finding a mentor can help give you the stepping stones to advance quickly and give you a head start in your career. It’s helpful to have guidance and someone who has experience in the line of work you’re pursuing, to help avoid early mistakes or to help keep you on track. Having someone to share ideas with or seek advice from is beneficial to grow and set you above your competition; bouncing ideas off someone you trust and look up to is a healthy way to gain confidence and motivate you to jump in and be an asset to a team or company.

3. Making Additional Money on Your  Time

Who doesn’t want an easy way to make money? College costs add up, with the price of tuition, books, added miscellaneous costs, and not to mention beer money! Working some local events in your area only takes a few hours to add easy money in your pocket. There are many ways to sign up to work these events: searching online, connecting with other brand ambassadors, or of course, signing up for Jobble!. Working events allows you to be able to work around class schedules, not be held down to a set weekly schedule, and be able to fit in more activities!

4. Develop Entrepreneurial Skills

This is a time that allows you to explore and develop different skills and abilities that will help you rise above the rest. Some discover a newfound drive to start their own business, others find a passion they didn’t know they had. You may have a strong idea and are trying to figure out how to execute it. Working in different environments with different people helps you adapt to change and learn about new career choices and hobbies.

5. Resume Building at its Finest

Speaking of developing new skills, this is an excellent way to build up your resume! Not just in one specific area, but with a wide array of jobs so you can enter the job market with a versatile skill set. Employers look for widespread, diverse resumes, people who have worked in several different areas, held different positions and worked in a variety of different fields. It helps you to be well rounded, easily adaptable and an ideal candidate to pursue.

6. Discover New Hobbies

Being exposed to different events can inspire and spark a new interest you never knew about. For example, you have a few extra hours free and there’s a local wine tasting event to work. You don’t know much about wine, but there is someone there who does who shows you the basics. Suddenly you have a newfound love for it!

7. Exploring New Areas Around You

Meeting new friends and networking with a new group of people is only the beginning. Not only are you able to improve learning by adding new skills and experience to your resume, but new discoveries as well. You might stumble upon a new neighborhood or local hangout with your new favorite drink special or food obsession! Stepping outside of your comfort zone is healthy and almost never something to regret.

8. I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T Do You Know What I Mean?

A highlight about this part of life is self discovery and learning how to care for yourself. Mom and Dad are not there to always financially support you like they may have in high school. Working in the gig economy opens up the doors of responsibility and independence. Hard work and time pays off for freedom and the ability to pay for the things you want. A new pair of shoes or those concert tickets for your favorite band you have been dying to see? Piece of cake with the flexible schedule of working local events.

9. Develop Time Management Skills

Having a job while in college teaches responsibility, organization, and adversity, and it also helps improve time management skills. Classes, studying, free time with friends, extracurricular activities, they can be a lot to handle, especially when you add a job to the mix. The sooner you can learn to balance everything, the easier it will get. This is a skill that can be a challenge, but is very important. It’s something employers look for. It’s important to learn how to honor your commitments  so others take you seriously. Soon you’ll learn that it becomes the norm to be pulled in many different directions at any given time. How you rise above and learn to manage that is what will set you apart from the rest. Having a job while in school helps you focus on something other than your studies

Get Involved With the Gig Economy

Working in the gig economy is an exceptional way to gather skills and experience to last a lifetime. Whether it’s networking with a mentor, a company you want to work for, meeting new people, building your resume, learning responsibility and independence, or improving learning and entrepreneurial skills. Working on your own time and around your schedule helps build time management skills while putting some extra money in your pocket.

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