5 Ways A Street Team Can Make the Difference


Though they’re most often associated with grassroots music promotional campaigns, street teams have become an invaluable tool in getting the word out about all types of products and brands. If you aren’t already integrating one into your next event or launch, we have five good reasons to start today.

1. Hand Out Materials

This may seem rather obvious, which it is, but never underestimate the importance of having feet on the ground. Street teams get flyers, posters, promotional items and other materials into the hands of lots of people quickly and consistently, putting a friendly face to your product and making a positive first impression that doesn’t require them to download an app first.

2. Make the Connections

Despite the multiples roles they serve in successful promotional campaigns, a street team’s biggest asset is often their own network. A good team should try to include extroverted, well-connected personalities who already have their own valuable local contacts and are skilled at quickly making new ones. They can build a buzz quickly by getting to the trendy places and tastemaking people that others might miss.

3. Drive Foot Traffic

Trade shows are your opportunity to display your business in front of as many eyes as possible, and your street team can be an invaluable tool in directing traffic. By focusing their work on certain areas of the convention floor, such as handing out promotional items by a main entrance, they can help send more people, now armed with information and a free gift, to the site of the actual product demonstration.

4. Get Access

One of the biggest strengths of a smart, mobile street team is the ability to quietly gain access to areas with lots of potential customers. Tasks like stocking flyers at local businesses or handing out promotional items at events can be completed quickly and with minimal fuss, and often this method is just as or more effective than a larger (and more expensive) promotional campaign.

5. Keep the Conversation Going

As promotion and marketing has shifted with the rise of social media, so has the role of street teams. Instead of just posting flyers on the streets, effective teams are also using hashtags, handles and tags to instantly spread the word online about brands and products on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular social networks.

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