Cash Back Rewards: How to Make Sure You’re Using These Great Deals


You’re an independent worker because you love the opportunity to set your own rates and earn what your skills are worth. You not only like to earn as much money as possible, but you also like to save money or get cash back rewards. Conducting your own research to find the best deals can take time. There are so many options, from coupons applied at the time of purchase or receiving cash back rewards later.

Here are tips for you to find and make the most of cash back rewards programs. We’ll start with banks and credit card companies, which are two of the most common places to earn rewards.

What to Look for with Bank and Credit Card Cash Back Rewards

All it takes is a quick online search for best bank and credit card cash back rewards programs to find multiple sources of information. We will stick with this one from U.S. News and World Report Credit Card Ratings. Here are some factors to consider if you plan to apply for a new credit card with this program.

  • Categories you must purchase from to earn rewards.
  • Whether you need a good to excellent credit rating to apply.
  • Is there an annual fee? If so, the about of cash back you receive might not offset the amount you pay to obtain the credit card.
  • Other features of the credit card beyond cash back rewards.

Keep an Eye on the Merchants You Already Use

Many retailers have cash back rewards programs of their own. The Target Red Card, for example, offers an immediate five percent discount on all purchases made with the credit card. Loyalty programs are incredibly popular among retailers, restaurants, service businesses, or just about any type of company where you spend money.

A common practice is for a company to offer a discount, free meal, or other perk after you spend a certain number of dollars. These programs change frequently, so be sure to look for the best deals and don’t be shy about asking your favorite businesses to start offering cash back rewards if they don’t already.

Don’t Be Enticed to Spend if You Weren’t Already Planning a Purchase

Using a credit card to receive cash back rewards is fine if you would have bought the item anyway. You just want to avoid purchasing anything only to get the money back. Making a habit of this can ultimately defeat the purpose of enrolling in a loyalty program or obtaining a cash back rewards credit or debit card. Instead of earning money, you would only put yourself in debt.

We hope these tips help you make the most of the cash back rewards programs out there. Remember, you want companies to pay you to use their product rather than them getting even more of the money you put in so much effort to earn as a gig worker.

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