Jobble: Supporting Your Hustle On and Off the Clock in 2020

Jobble in 2020

Temporary layoffs and permanent job loss were a reality for millions of Americans in early 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic canceled events, closed schools and offices, and left most of the country at home. Not only did Jobble dedicate itself to helping independent workers find jobs throughout 2020, we also widened our focus. We wanted to extend support to workers even when they’re not working. The gig economy workforces’ needs on and off the clock became even more apparent in 2020. Jobble quickly adjusted to meet those needs.

Jobble pivots to pandemic and gets Americans to work.

To comply with safety guidelines last winter, many Americans stayed home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But the country quickly realized that not everything could be done from home. Grocers, manufacturing companies, pharmacies and other essential businesses saw an increase in demand for their services. These businesses also needed to find large quantities of ready-to-go workers.

Jobble quickly identified the industries that needed the most help and connected them with ready-to-work independent workers. By providing workers with a job board full of real-time, essential jobs in their area, Jobble enabled these workers to directly support their own communities’ needs. Gig workers across the country became essential workers that kept their neighborhoods safe and operational.

“Working through this pandemic is risky. I take a chance everyday when I step out of the house. But, I encourage myself to keep going through these hard times,” Jose L. from New Jersey said in late March. “My experience with Jobble has been good to me. It saved me from being unemployed.”

Over 4,500 essential workers were hired through the Jobble platform in March and April 2020 alone, when pandemic restrictions were the most severe.

Throughout 2020, Jobblers worked an average of 7.8 hours per shift at an average hourly rate of $15.61. Many gig workers pick up shifts and gigs as they need work or extra income. Jobble provided flexible income through legitimate job opportunities. This enabled workers to work when they want, as often as they need.

Workers identify the additional support they need.

Jobble started out as a platform for workers to find legitimate job opportunities. It quickly became evident that independent workers needed more than just paychecks to live the lifestyle they wanted. A common criticism of the gig economy is that the lack of benefits and support extended to gig workers. To address this and give independent workers what they need to succeed, Jobble Perks was born.

Jobble Perks features exclusive discounts, deals and programs handpicked and curated for independent workers’ unique needs. With Perks across the country in several brands and offerings, Jobble has ensured that any worker anywhere can find something they need.

We asked the Jobble community where they felt underserved and unsupported in their daily lives. One immediate area was insurance and benefits. Through Jobble Perks, independent workers can find several types of affordable and flexible insurance (life, dental, auto, pet, vision, home). These offerings are in the same place so they can find protection against lost income due to accident or illness.

The Perks don’t stop there. To fully support our Jobblers’ lifestyle and needs, we provide direct connections to financial services, professional certifications and courses, childcare, car rentals, grocery delivery, and more. In 2020, over 12,000 perks were redeemed. With more partners coming in, Jobble is confident that there will be something for everyone. We know their hustle doesn’t stop when they’re off the clock. We want to make sure they’re being taken care of in other aspects of their lives as well.

The Jobble community sticks together to stay empowered.

Offering Perks was a direct way that Jobble could serve independent workers, but we didn’t stop there. Jobble also sought to identify and unite gig economy workers. From freelancers to side hustlers to temporary workers; anyone who found themselves part of the gig economy workforce had shared experiences and needs.

Jobble began focusing on providing resources and tools to independent workers. The goal is to grow their knowledge and help them achieve their life and career goals. We began sharing articles covering topics like financial stability, job search efforts, sharpening skills and more.

Our weekly newsletter, The Everyday Hustle, was born. We sent over 2.3 million newsletters in the second half of 2020. This newsletter brings job market trends, expert advice and exclusive offers right to independent workers’ fingertips.

We’re creating the Jobble future, together.

As we enter a new year, we look forward to continuing to provide local job opportunities, exclusive deals and valuable resources to our hardworking community. For many industries, 2021 will be a year of restructuring and rebuilding. At Jobble, we already have the strong foundation we need to keep growing. We strive to continue to be the best place for independent workers to find what they need to thrive.

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